Monday, 8 September 2014

Book Review: Fangirl

this book, go read it

Sometimes, when you read a book, you get to the end and think: "I quite liked that book, it was really good."
But then sometimes, you finish a book and you cannot believe what just happened. You felt so intensely towards those characters, the story, everything. For me, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is the most connected I've ever felt with in my entire life.
It starts off with a girl named Cath, who has a twin sister, Wren, and they are both starting their first year at college. You watch as Wren, funny and outgoing, flourishes in this new world while introverted Cath struggles to find her place. To me, this book was so emotionally connecting simply because of Cath. She is super shy, and has social anxiety. Cath is the type of person who would rather sit in her room and read/write rather than going out. I get that so completely. She has to watch as Wren leaves her in the dust, and we've all had friends like that. She has issues with people touching her and so many little things like that, and Cath was just so relate-able and brilliant to connect with that I think I will struggle to find another fictional character like that.
In fact, all of the characters Rowell has created in this book, are just so magnificently real that you cannot help but intertwine your life with the one happening on the pages. The people here are flawed, but they are lovable and that is life!
It was just so wonderful to follow Cath's journey through her growing confidence and finding her place in the world. In a way, it gives hope to me that, you know what, people do like you and want to be around you. People will be there for you.
In short, it's funny, it's cute, it's everything you want in a contemporary. But most of all - it's relate-able.
I definitely give it 5/5 stars.