Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Busy, busy holidays

Hi everyone!

It is finally school holidays, and the summer weather is arriving. In other words, life is pretty great right now and luckily I've been able to spend much of it with my good friends.
In one of the last weeks of school, exam block, we, the seniors, are not actually needed at school unless we have an exam on. (I only had two, woohoo!) So, one lunch time when both Alice, my best friend, and I had no lunch and were starving, we decided to walk into town. Originally, the plan was to get some unexciting fingerbuns from Woolies, but then it happened. I had an epiphany: Husk and Honey.
For those of you who are unfortunate enough to not have this, it is a beautiful little cafe' that makes the most amazing food, most of it gluten free.
This is what we got (which was absolutely delicious):

haloumi and lentils (alice)

quinoa and roast veggies (mine)

The other night, Alice and I also went out to dinner with some school friends as the Italian exchange student was leaving in only a few days. It was sort of a farewell of sorts, and she will be missed greatly. In the end, we went out to this lovely Italian place, Via Italia, down near the beach and it was just a lovely evening. Unfortunately, literally the only photo I took was of my lemon, lime, and bitters. So sorry, no photos!

look, warm weather
And then, being the little socialite I have been lately, I went to the movies! Holy freaking moly, I saw The Maze Runner and it was so so so good. Of course, I read the book beforehand so I knew exactly what was happening, but still. I think it shows how good a movie is when you can watch it, having read the book and knowing the storyline, but still jump, and freakout, and cry, and sit on the very edge of your seat.
Basically: 10/10, highly recommend.

A little extra, so the photo makes sense:
I was sick of the posters on my wall, so I completely redid it the other day, and that is just under half of the final result. It looks freaking amazing.
Sorry for this very boring update, hope you enjoy it anyway.


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