Saturday, 18 October 2014

Heartache On The Big Screen

Hi everyone!

The other day, like many One Direction fans around the world, I went and saw the One Direction Where We Are Concert Movie at the cinema. Holy freaking moly. It's been at least a week now and I am still not over it.
Before I get onto that though, I have to tell you a bit about the leadup. I got into the spirit of things by reading my One Direction books and listening to all their albums.We had a bit of a shop around the plaza before we saw the movie, and let me tell you, One Direction was EVERYWHERE. I'm not even kidding, every shop we walked into was playing You & I. It was insane. So I walked into that cinema absolutely pumped.
The movie began with an interview, which I believe was exclusive to the cinema viewings. So that was cool. But, I have to mention: they talked about Australia for at least a minute. Eeee! They said they would live here if it wasn't so far away, which how freaking cool.
But then we got onto the actual concert and it was everything I dreamed it to be and more. It was just so so so fantastic. (Not gonna lie, I did cry)
The atmosphere in there was so great and it was just lovely. My only complaint: where the hecka's was Better Than Words? I literally waited the whole movie and it wasn't there!
Ah well, I guess we can't have everything and the churros on the way home certainly made up for it.

P.S I apologise for the blatant use of a 5SOS song in the title
P.P.S Have you seen the set list for 'Four' 1D's new album? It sounds like it is going to be incredible.

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