Friday, 19 December 2014

7. Do You Still Believe In Santa?

Hi everyone!

Today is a little different, but I wanted to talk to you about Santa Claus, Father Christmas, St Nicholas. The jolly man in red who visits everyone during the night to deliver presents, every single year. Children adore him, and Christmas just would not be the same without Santa.
But, at what age do we stop believing in Santa Claus? When is it that we realise that it is logistically impossible for him to visit every single child on Christmas Eve? I have no idea.
For me, my parents never actually told me that Santa wasn't real. They never actually sat me down and said: "Tynnika, Father Christmas doesn't bring you presents. We do." But, neither did my friends at school tell me that he wasn't real. I, for some reason, just knew.
And that brings me to a question for all of you: when did you realise St Nick wasn't real? Did someone tell you, or were you like me?
Just something to think about this Christmas.