Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Christmas!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas - I know I did! Like last year, we had a very chilled out day and because our family is all away at the moment, I spent Christmas with just my parents and my sister, Kiara.

As is tradition we started our morning with crepes! I actually remembered to take a photo this year (be proud) to share with you all. Of course, I only remembered the first and its not even the most spectacular looking.

The table in the morning and me very impatiently waiting for everyone else

This is probably my favourite way to eat crepes: cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. It tastes incredible! We also had banana, frozen berries, cream and maple syrup which all taste absolutely delicious. (Yes that is a hot chocolate even though I live in Australia. The weather was a crazy 25 degrees or something which meant I could actually enjoy a hot drink)

We then basically just lazed around all day, reading (we are a very bookish family and so Christmas always means new books) and just chilling out which was really nice. Dinner meant a roast and ham, along with salads and I enjoyed it a lot!

Here's the table for dinner

We started with prawns accompanied by lime, pepper and salt. Basically, you squeeze out the lime juice and mix it in with the salt and pepper and it is the best dipping sauce for prawns that you will ever have. 

Dinner with cabbage salad, garden salad, roast lamb and potatoes with gravy and mint jelly, and smoked ham.

Sorry for the funny angle, but this is a slice of key lime pie with coconut cream for desert. (No sticky date on Christmas day this year, I had already made it for the dinner with my friends and so my family got the leftovers from that)

Here's our very bad Christmas selfie, complete with Sulley. 

If you're curious, for Christmas I got a couple of books, two Disney movies, a new calendar, a laptop case, a new charm for my bracelet, and with CD soundtrack of Wicked, and two pairs of pyjamas. So thank you Mum and Dad!!

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Thursday, 24 December 2015

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Hi everyone!

As I am sure you are all very much aware, Christmas is tomorrow! I can hardly believe how quickly it has arrived, and how fast the year has gone by. 
I have not been blogging much this month and so I though I would just share with you how I've been spending my December.

We began the month by, of course, putting up the Christmas tree.

In between my work and very long sleep in's I have also done a lot of baking which I've been enjoying immensely. These are our annual reindeer biscuits, the recipe of which can be found here. 

My friends and I have been planning a Christmas dinner for ages so I made cupcakes and sticky date pudding for the occasion. The recipe I used for the cupcakes can be found here.

And this is what our Christmas dinner looked like!

My good friend Alice (who can be found here) decorated the table and I think it looked absolutely gorgeous.

We had a lovely time and we had Secret Santa and ate lots and lots of food.

I haven't been doing much for Christmas but I am definitely looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my family. Hopefully after I finish work tonight (11pm, please help me) I will be feeling a lot more Christmassy!
If you have any questions about the recipes just ask - I am more than happy to help you out.

Merry Christmas,

Monday, 14 December 2015

1 Cardigan; 5 Outfits

Hi everyone!

It's the middle of summer for me right now so this post is very out of place and random but I just had to share my absolute love for a new purchase of mine - a cardigan!
I have always played it safe with my cardi's, I have a simple black one I bought years and years ago (best purchase I have ever made) and a cream one.

But, I've recently splashed out and bought one in a dark red with black through it. It is from Boohoo and can be found here! I of course got it in the "rust" colour in a size S/M. This cardigan is great! I like that has shorter sleeves so I can wear it more often (it gets quite warm here in Australia!) and the fabric is surprisingly soft. I've also found this cardigan to be highly versatile, and in this post I am going to show you five different ways you can style a staple cardigan in a slightly bolder colour.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ed Sheeran and Mockingjay

Hi everyone!

Quite a while ago my Mum and I saw that Ed Sheeran was playing at Brisbane, and we of course looked at eachother and said "we have to go." So we bought tickets, and it was all very exiting.
A lot has happened recently, as you saw from my posts, and so I had basically forgotten that this was happening. You can imagine my excitement when I remembered!

We got to see Passenger live which was really cool. Although I don't know many of his songs, I definitely enjoyed Let Her Go live! He has an absolutely amazing voice.

We also saw the Rudimentals live, who I did not particularly like. There were so so many of them (Can anyone explain why there was 10 of them? I googled and it said there was only four in the band so I am very confused) and there was way too much bass and drum for my liking - you couldn't actually hear the singing! 

Obligatory selfie

Kiara and I, we played Go Fish with my cards while we waited for Ed Sheeran to come on

Family selfie

Kiara and I

Ed Sheeran!!

Ed Sheeran was absolutely incredible and I loved every second. He is so talented and I wish I knew more about how his loop machine thing works because it sounds amazing. Of course, my favourite song wasn't sung live (Give Me Love) but I've come to accept that I will never see my favourite songs live *cough* One Direction, I'm looking at you *cough*
Ed did play I See Fire though, and that's a close second.
Here's a quick rant: it started to rain so I ran up and got ponchos for us and guess how much they were?! $5 EACH for flimsy little bits of plastic, it was insane.

We then saw Mockingjay the other day and it was so so so good!
I can't find the family selfie, sorry, but here's Kiara and I

I'm still disappointed with the ending, but I thought that in the books too I was already expecting it. My favourite character died, as always, even though I hoped for once they would deviate from the books. (I don't have much luck with my favourites do I?)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I have some more fun adventures to share soon.

Monday, 7 December 2015


Hi everyone!

As I'm sure you've heard me mention, I went on Schoolies recently and my friends and I decided that Tangalooma, Moreton Island would be the perfect spot.

I don't really know how to describe Schoolies to you, so I have found a description on the official Schoolies siteSchoolies Week is a three week graduation festival celebrated by Year 12 school leavers from every corner of Australia. Schoolies week celebrations usually take place during the first 3 weeks following graduation starting in Mid November. Each year thousands of Year 12 students descend on Schoolies destinations to celebrate the end of their school years and enjoy what is also the ultimate summer holiday. Students make the journey from around Australia (and New Zealand and other countries) and for many it is their first holiday without their family, with their youth creating special needs.

Basically, it is just an excuse for everyone to get drunk and party for a solid week after they've graduated. I don't drink, but it was hilarious watching some of my friends.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Last Day

Hi everyone!

After formal, we all went to the much anticipated after party where there was a lot drinking and a lot of laughing. It was pretty cool - we had a DJ and a bonfire, but as I don't like crowds or drinking, it wasn't so fun for me.

You can see the bonfire behind us all in these photos

Me that night - I was both very tired and very excited

That morning was then of course, our last day! We only had to be there in the morning for a breakfast and the school tradition of Walk Out, and then we were off.
Walk Out is basically where the other grades in the school line up on two sides and create a long path, and as we go they clap us out. It's really sweet and many people cried. It's a little hard to believe that it was us doing the walking and not the clapping!

We then of course followed Sunshine Coast tradition (at least I think it's just us) and went down to Mooloolaba beach and swam in our uniforms. Turns out the weather was perfect for it, and we had a great time.
We followed that with lunch out (The photo I took was terrible) and then we did the all important grocery shopping for Schoolies the next day.


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Year 12 Formal

Hi everyone!

On the 19th of November I had my much anticipated school formal. I believe in other places you call it a prom? Basically, at the end of year 12 it is a chance for us all to get dressed up and spend ridiculous amounts of money to celebrate the end of our schooling.
I am very excited to share with you what I wore, and some photos of the amazing night.

The first thing I did was get my hair and make up done (Thank you Gems Hair Studio!), which of course resulted in many many selfies - I don't wear makeup so this was exciting.

This is the back of my dress and my hair style - I felt like a princess!

There was then of course the obligatory photo shoot with my family

Before going to the formal, a few of my friends and I met up at Cotton Tree for some photos and I think they turned out quite lovely.

As the shortest there, I still find it hilarious I was standing next to the tallest - it looks a little funny.

The girls all looking gorgeous

Alice and I

And now it was time for the actual formal! 

In the car

Us arriving

A very excited selfie

(He's really tall, okay, don't judge me)

The photo booth photos! There are so many but here are a few of my favourites

And my good friends, Nerdslol
This is the only professional photo I have so far, but when I buy the rest I will do a separate blog post because I love them so much. 

I had an amazing night, and I even successfully danced the nutbush in my heels. I also managed to wear my heels the whole night, which I think killed my feet a little bit. I want to do it all again!