Sunday, 4 January 2015

I Think I Have A Problem...

Hi everyone!
Basically, I need help. I have a problem.
I can't stop buying books! They are everywhere and I just think to myself - oh, that would look so nice on my bookshelf, I really want to read that, that cover!
It's neverending. So, here's my giant book haul from the past few weeks.
I finished this today and oh my gosh, it is so cute. I love it. Highly reccommend if you want a good read about love and boys and all the confusion that comes with it.
What an ending to a series, Rick Riordan. I loved it. A+. If you haven't read Percy Jackson, do it.
I haven't read this yet. Looked and sounded cool though.
Haven't read this either. The premise of parrallel worlds sound intriguing. 
I got this for Christmas, which makes me so happy. It is such a great series.
Only a few words: loved it, lovely ending
Isn't the title so nice???
This sounds so, so promising. I'm excited.
And then I got some classics, because I think I need to read more of them.
So there you have a little nose-y into the books I've been buying lately. Until next time,

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