Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happy Hunger Games!

Hi everyone!
Around the same time as the One Direction, I was on leadership camp! This was something I had been looking forward to since last year. They are always so much fun and this camp would be no exception. The first day, I was only there for the morning's get to know you actitivies, before Alice's Mum whisked us away to One Direction.
But we were back the next morning bright and early to eat breakfast with the rest.
That day, we built our own rafts, and lets just say it did not go very well. You think it's stable on land and then you get in the water and everything goes downhill!

This was my raft building team.

After lunch, we had a "challenge course." In that, we had to jump over poles, swing on rope, climb a plank, roll through lines of tyres, crawl under rope (through dirt!), across a flying fox, do some burpees, and then crawl through a mud puddle. Which was not fun, the bottom was littered with sharp little rocks. It was fun, my team won. But incredibly painful and mentally challenging. I am quite proud to say I didn't get my hair muddy at all! (I wanted it nice for that night)

Later that night was the thing we had all been waiting for: the Talent Quest.
Myself and fellow school captains were the judges and hosts of the talent night. So, of course, we had to add our own fun into it. After a lot of planning, rehearsing, and costume sourcing, we were ready.
Behold: The Second Annual Talent Quest, Hunger Games themed of course!
Ceasar Flickerman (we did turn his hair blue!)
These two were both past tributes who were interviewed by Ceasar, on how to win the Annual Talent Night and what leadership is.
I was Effie Trinket!
Of course, we did it properly. We had "reaping bowls" to draw out the names, and it seemed like everyone had a fantastic night.
The winners!

The last day conisted of the serious planning for the year ahead - the boring stuff you probably don't want to hear about.

All 62 of us!
Leadership camp was so much fun, and I wish I could go again!

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