Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Boys

Hi everyone!
On the 11th of February, 2015: I was there.
I saw One Direction live!!! I'm still having trouble believing it actually happened and holy moly it was incredible. I was up in the stands and I thought we would not be able to see anything. But, it was the opposite. We had a great view of the whole stage!
Alice and I had just been picked up from camp and we were on our way to Brisbane!

We had now stopped at Alice's Aunty's house and had gotten changed into nice clothes and put our hair up nicely. On the train to the stadium we go!

Selfie at the train station
Our first glimpse of Suncorp Stadium!
About to go in!!

And we were in the stadium at last
Met up with one of my friends (Alice is sitting way down the front)

I do not understand! They put up a line of tents and tarps just so we couldn't see the boys walk in. We still saw them a bit further along anyway, Harry and Niall stopped and waved. The rest of the stadium looked at our section a bit strangely when we started screaming for no apparent reason.

After the opening acts, Samantha Jade and McBusted, they were on! Here's Zayn looking pretty darn good.

The stadium during Little Things
An amazing shot Alice got, with absolutely no zoom.

On the way home :(

As you can probably tell, it was so much fun and I will be waiting impatiently until they finally come back to Australia. I miss my boys already!

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