Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hi everyone!
On Wednesday, I was given the oppurtunity by school to go down to Brisbane and see the musical Wicked. I am so glad that I went! The music was fantastic and the set was incredible. I won't lie, it's become a slight obsession. All day at work today I was singing the songs over and over in my head. It truly is a beautiful musical. To kick off the day, we all of course had to visit the lolly shop, as is tradition.

This was my view of the stage
Kiara and I taking a very badly angled selfie
Myself and friends
At interval, all the year 12's got together for a quick photo
Kiara and I again
At the end of the show, all the school groups got invited down to the front to have a chat with the man who played the Wizard that day. It was all about the production and the little details no one knows about. Did you know one of Glinda's dresses costs $20 000? Or did you know that Elphaba quite often has three microphones on her?

The thing I was most excited about was seeing where the band played! It's a huge dream of mine (unlikely to ever happen though) and it was amazing to see what it was like down there.

It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend you all go see it if you have the chance!
P.S If anyone knows how to get rid of that disgusting gap at the top, please let me know! I've tried everything and it looks awful. I just want it gone D:

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