Monday, 30 March 2015

YMF Humanities Conference

Hi everyone!
Along with a few friends I went on a road trip down to Brisbane to attend the YMF Humanities Conference.
YMF, or Young Minds of the Future, delivered a program where we looked at different parts of society, of humanities, and discussed the role young people have in overcoming these. We talked about child soldiers in places of conflict, democracy and freedom of speech and terrorism in the media.They were all fascinating topics that I find are never spoken about. It was great to sit down with a group of young people and discuss these topics, and talk about what we could do to help.
I took a lot away from today, and I am interested in what else YMF has to offer!

Another plus side of the day: it was held at the University of Queensland! I'm very seriously looking at going to this uni, so it was a great opportunity to look around the campus.

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