Thursday, 9 April 2015

End-of-term Bowling

Hi everyone!
This week, my friends and I were waiting after school in the cold and gloomy rain, only to find out that our yoga class had, heartbreakingly, been cancelled. What were we to do? We had wasted a whole afternoon doing nothing and it was our first night of the school holidays!
So, I’m not sure how it was brought up or who suggested it, but it was proposed by someone that we went bowling down on the coast. One of my friends is on her P’s, so with a quick stop to pick someone up, we were off.
We began the evening with Lucy and I getting the most ridiculosly small shoes. I'm pretty sure young children could wear them, that's how small they were.
And so we bowled, and I came second last which was terrible. It turns out I cannot bowl without the gutters on. I am good on the Wii though, does that count?

Afterwards, we had nachos on the beach, and took a few ridiculous photos. As you can see, we have our Year 12 Senior Jersey's!

This was quite honestly one of the loveliest ways to end the term, especially after our day filled with monotonous and boring QCS Prep!