Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Bargain Clothes

Hi everyone!
As promised, here are my bargains that I found at the Clothing Rummage on Sunday. If you want to see more of this (i.e. the bargains I got last time, or other clothing hauls) just let me know and I will be more than happy to do them.
The first purchase of this day is this very simple summer dress. It's very light and flowy and will be perfect for lazy summer evenings. This cost me $5.

I then found this shirt, and I believe the style is peplum. I could be wrong though! It looks very nice and I am so so happy with it. Definitely worth the $1 I spent on it. 
The jeans pictured are from (my favourite clothing website ever) and can be found here.

This shirt isn't actually from the Clothing Rummage but it was still pretty cheap. It's just a very simple greay shirt, with slightly longer sleeves and is thicker than most of my shirts, which is perfect for the weather we have right now. This cost me $10 from Valley Girl.

Sorry for the blurry photo! 
These jeans cost me a whole $5 and they are one of the softest and comfiest pairs I have ever owned. They are slightly too big around the waist but a belt will quickly fix that problem.
The very creased shirt in the picture is from and can be found here.

And finally, we have my biggest bargain of the day. I was just wandering around when I saw this gorgeous coat out of the corner of my eye. I of course immediately nabbed it up and could hardly believe my ears when they told me the price: $7.
It has been well looked after and there was only one loose thread. It's insanely cheap for such a good quality coat!

There you have it, my bargains of the day. I am not a great shopper and typically prefer to shop online. (Boohoo!) But for some reason I really got lucky on Sunday and I am so happy.
So I challenge all of you: go down and check out local op shops or clothing rummages like this and share your bargains with us.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brisbane Day Out 2.0

Hi everyone!
On Sunday, as a reward for finishing all of my assessment for the term (!!! It's so exciting!), the girls and I went on a slight shopping spree in Brisbane.
Never go shopping with an excuse to spend money, I'm warning you, it only makes you buy more. Although to be fair, we got some cheap deals. Alike to the day in May, which can be found here, we went to a Clothing Rummage. I think this one was called a Suitcase Rummage though. Either way, it meant bargains for us. We spent hours both searching through the suitcases, and then many more wandering the stores along Queen Street Mall.
Along our travels, we stopped at a sushi train and I'm annoyed I didn't take more pictures. It was all absolutely delicious!

We also visited GOMA, because you cannot have a Brisbane trip without visiting the gallery. There is some amazing artwork on display! 
I think I look a little Micheal Jackson-esque in this photo.

After GOMA, we took a quick detour on the river to take a few quick photos.
Do you like my new sunnies? Cost me $12 from Valley Girl and I am quite happy with them. (My old sunnies broke on Music Camp)
It was a lovely day and I spoilt myself a lot. 
Be on the lookout for a clothing post, I'm actually going to do it this time. I have some exciting clothes I want to share.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

We Climbed A Mountain!

Hi everyone!
I have a very belated post to share with you (sorry! I've been busy spraining my wrist and finishing assignments).
The other day (the 23rd of May...), a few friends of mine and I decided we would climb a mountain - Mt Ninderry!
We set off for a day filled with adventure - and hard work.
First things first, we got lost. What would an adventurous day be without us driving up crazy steep dirt roads before realising it was the wrong way and having to reverse down? After a quick phone call to for help we were on our way - this time in the right direction. It turns out where we were supposed to go was on the opposite side of the mountain.

This is us on one of the many, many breaks we took on the way too the top. Climbing a mountain is more difficult than you would think it is.

But once you got to the top the views were absolutely spectacular

It was so windy I thought we all might be blown off the side of the mountain!

We had to get pretty creative with how we took photos. I think we are pro's at self timer and correct phone placement now. But as you can see, it didn't always turn out right...
(The phone fell)

Here is one completely not staged picture

We found some graves at the top, which were slightly creepy. But we kept going, and, after only one slip, we made it back to the bottom in one piece.
Obviously the adventure couldn't end there so we went out for breakfast at the Coolum Coffee Club.

I got a classic vanilla milkshake and eggs benedict.

After breakfast, we spent the late morning chilling at Coolum beach and taking some pretty cool photos.

We all do yoga every Thursday, and this is the double down dog. Clearly we are experts.

It was a lot of fun, and definitely a well-needed break after all the stress of assignments and school.
I highly recommend the mountain climbing, it was a lot of fun!