Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brisbane Day Out 2.0

Hi everyone!
On Sunday, as a reward for finishing all of my assessment for the term (!!! It's so exciting!), the girls and I went on a slight shopping spree in Brisbane.
Never go shopping with an excuse to spend money, I'm warning you, it only makes you buy more. Although to be fair, we got some cheap deals. Alike to the day in May, which can be found here, we went to a Clothing Rummage. I think this one was called a Suitcase Rummage though. Either way, it meant bargains for us. We spent hours both searching through the suitcases, and then many more wandering the stores along Queen Street Mall.
Along our travels, we stopped at a sushi train and I'm annoyed I didn't take more pictures. It was all absolutely delicious!

We also visited GOMA, because you cannot have a Brisbane trip without visiting the gallery. There is some amazing artwork on display! 
I think I look a little Micheal Jackson-esque in this photo.

After GOMA, we took a quick detour on the river to take a few quick photos.
Do you like my new sunnies? Cost me $12 from Valley Girl and I am quite happy with them. (My old sunnies broke on Music Camp)
It was a lovely day and I spoilt myself a lot. 
Be on the lookout for a clothing post, I'm actually going to do it this time. I have some exciting clothes I want to share.