Thursday, 11 June 2015

We Climbed A Mountain!

Hi everyone!
I have a very belated post to share with you (sorry! I've been busy spraining my wrist and finishing assignments).
The other day (the 23rd of May...), a few friends of mine and I decided we would climb a mountain - Mt Ninderry!
We set off for a day filled with adventure - and hard work.
First things first, we got lost. What would an adventurous day be without us driving up crazy steep dirt roads before realising it was the wrong way and having to reverse down? After a quick phone call to for help we were on our way - this time in the right direction. It turns out where we were supposed to go was on the opposite side of the mountain.

This is us on one of the many, many breaks we took on the way too the top. Climbing a mountain is more difficult than you would think it is.

But once you got to the top the views were absolutely spectacular

It was so windy I thought we all might be blown off the side of the mountain!

We had to get pretty creative with how we took photos. I think we are pro's at self timer and correct phone placement now. But as you can see, it didn't always turn out right...
(The phone fell)

Here is one completely not staged picture

We found some graves at the top, which were slightly creepy. But we kept going, and, after only one slip, we made it back to the bottom in one piece.
Obviously the adventure couldn't end there so we went out for breakfast at the Coolum Coffee Club.

I got a classic vanilla milkshake and eggs benedict.

After breakfast, we spent the late morning chilling at Coolum beach and taking some pretty cool photos.

We all do yoga every Thursday, and this is the double down dog. Clearly we are experts.

It was a lot of fun, and definitely a well-needed break after all the stress of assignments and school.
I highly recommend the mountain climbing, it was a lot of fun!

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