Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Heavenly Wednesday

Hi everyone!
As I am sure I've mentioned in the past, I get every Wednesday off at school. Which let me tell you, it is the greatest thing ever. You only have to go to school two days and then you get a break. It's glorious.
Well, the other Wednesday, Alice had just gotten her P's. (If you're not from Australia, this means that she can drive without a supervising adult)
So, she picked me up in the morning and we were off for a day of fun - at the Eummundi Markets.
The last time I went I was very young and basically freaked out because the crowds were so big and I'm pretty claustrophobic. Lucking, I'm able to handle the crowds better and the day went pretty smoothly.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Leadership Camp: Sydney

Hi everyone!
During the school holidays, the other three School Captains and I got the opportunity to go to Sydney for the GRIP National Leadership Camp. We had been to a single day conference by GRIP earlier that year and had all immensely enjoyed it. When we found out about the camp, we managed to gain grants that funded our flights and we were off.

Us at the airport