Saturday, 1 August 2015

Leadership Camp: Sydney

Hi everyone!
During the school holidays, the other three School Captains and I got the opportunity to go to Sydney for the GRIP National Leadership Camp. We had been to a single day conference by GRIP earlier that year and had all immensely enjoyed it. When we found out about the camp, we managed to gain grants that funded our flights and we were off.

Us at the airport

On the plane! (with a very annoying lady next to us!)

For our first meal in Sydney, we stopped at a little pub down at Cronulla.

And then it was time for the actual camp! We learnt a lot about what leadership is and how we can use our leadership effectively to change our school, community and world. This was an amazing opportunity and I am very grateful I have had the chance to go. We met some amazing people, but I barely took any photos. Here are some from when we went on a bushwalk.

(This is my favourite photo at the moment)

Then, on the very last day of camp, we had to drop one of us off very early at the airport for a scholarship interview in Canberra, so we decided to spend the rest of our day exploring the city of Sydney. We started off eating absolutely massive breakfasts because it was 10am and we had yet to eat, I have no photos of that. I think I was way too hungry to be thinking about taking photos! After that, we explored some markets, visited the Opera House, the bridge and the Botanical Gardens. Never ever believe the time on the signs in the gardens, they are an absolutely lie, as we found out trying to find the Art Gallery.
Later on in the day, after meeting back up with out teachers who were along for a holiday, we went to Darling Harbour and spent a lovely afternoon wandering around and drinking milkshakes.

Us at a train station. (They have double-decker trains!)

Can you tell I am wearing four layers in these pictures?

This trip has only made me want to travel more and that's quite sad now that I am fully into the swing of Term 3, our most important one of Year 12.