Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Happy Birthday Mum!

Hi everyone!

Just the other day, the most amazing woman I know, my Mum, turned forty. So Happy Birthday Mum! To celebrate we went to Granny and Papa's house for dinner and here are a few quick photos I took.
The table

Mum as a little girl

My sister, Mum, and I


Mum and I

Delicious apple crumble

Chicken, potato and boerwors ... yum!

We had a lovely evening and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Sorry I have not been posting, even though it is holidays. I've been sick for the past week now and haven't had the energy to do anything. Hopefully I will get some good photos from an upcoming camping trip.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dealing With Stress

Hi everyone!

I've gone a bit missing in action at the moment, and believe me - I want to be blogging! But instead, I am dealing with the very hectic, very crazy, and very stressful school life I am currently leading. Apparently two fifteen minute speeches with full research journals, a Shakespeare soliloquy, maths assignment, 3 exams and the QCS test (not to mention extra-curricular's) is a recipe for ridiculous levels of stress.
Of course, everyone deals with stress in very different ways, but I thought I would let you all know how I handle it and maybe you could see if they work for you too.