Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Disastrous Camping Trip

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if you remember or not, but a while back I mentioned that a group of friends and I would be going camping over the holidays. We had organised it all as best we could - from what food we would be having, who was driving who, and how many tents were needed. We thought this was going to be the best camping trip ever.

We arrived at the Borumba Deer Park, near Imbil, and were quick to set up camp, which I do not have photos for some reason. We had so much food, two huge tarps and many many chairs. The sun was shining and the weather was glorious! Just look at the view from the top of Imbil lookout and at the dam.

It turns out the weather was short lived. Every afternoon, around 3pm, it stormed an insane amount. The first evening storm was okay, it was only light rain and had passed by the time night fell. We were happy.
Then, the second night we realised what a terrible camping site we had chosen. It absolutely poured with rain and the girls tent ended up flooding! But it was okay, we had a spare tent and there was room else where for everyone to sleep.
The Wednesday, and third evening, was an absolute disaster. It poured, it hailed, and it was howling with wind. Here's what we ended up with.

Both tarps had fallen down, we no longer had dry chairs, a slight car crash had a occured as someone reversed into a tree... 
Basically we all looked a little like this:

After all that, we ended up having to leave early due everything being soaked and a broken tarp. In spite of all of it, I know every single one of us had a blast and are keen to do it all again over summer. Hopefully without the storms this time!
Imbil lookout
Alice and I during Cards Against Humanity
The dam

Imbil lookout
Do any of you have crazy camping stories?

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