Monday, 30 November 2015


Hi everyone!

On Tuesday the 17th of November I officially graduated from High School, and it is probably one of the scariest things of my life. Basically, graduating has made me realise how little control I have over my life right now - what am I even supposed to do with myself now?

Graduation, at my school, is quite different to that of American graduations. For starters, we don't get the cool gowns at hats! (We do get those in Uni though) At my school, we did not have to wear our school uniforms and I am sorry for any that had to. It was a chance for us to all dress up just a little and have a fun evening with our family and friends.

Of course, before we left, there was an obligatory photo shoot.

A selfie of me with my Mum

Kiara, me, and Mum. (This photo makes me very happy because I actually look taller than someone - I'm not actually, I was wearing heels)

After that, we headed down to the Civic Center and the fun began. It was a pretty long night, but it was broken up with amazing singing acts, films made by students, and many many speeches. As School Captain, I had to give a speech and I will quite honestly say I was tearing up by the end of it, and I am very proud to say many in the audience were too.

Receiving my certificate from my wonderful Form teacher

Then, after that came many many more photos and here are a few snapshots:

A very large group photo

Some of my closest friends. We call ourselves a very corny name (Nerdslol - don't even ask)

This is possibly my favourite photo from that night