Monday, 14 December 2015

1 Cardigan; 5 Outfits

Hi everyone!

It's the middle of summer for me right now so this post is very out of place and random but I just had to share my absolute love for a new purchase of mine - a cardigan!
I have always played it safe with my cardi's, I have a simple black one I bought years and years ago (best purchase I have ever made) and a cream one.

But, I've recently splashed out and bought one in a dark red with black through it. It is from Boohoo and can be found here! I of course got it in the "rust" colour in a size S/M. This cardigan is great! I like that has shorter sleeves so I can wear it more often (it gets quite warm here in Australia!) and the fabric is surprisingly soft. I've also found this cardigan to be highly versatile, and in this post I am going to show you five different ways you can style a staple cardigan in a slightly bolder colour.

Outfit 1: a causal day in town

For this outfit I have kept it very simple with a neutral gray dress. I think this allows the cardigan to speak for itself and really highlight its colour. As I am quite a casual dresser this would be perfect for a trip into town, or a walk with my dog.

For shoes, I have simply paired the outfit with classic black flats. In colder weather this outfit would look quite nice with stockings and little black boots.

Outfit 2: lounging around at home

Yes this cardigan is so comfy I could sit around in it all day! (I think I fell asleep in it last night)
For a chilled out day at home I've gone for my staple tights, which I bought from JayJays ages ago, and a simple singlet top, also from Boohoo. All really soft materials and all fantastic for curling up and watching a movie or for trying to stay comfy during school study.

I of course could choose no other shoes than my trusty ugg boots!

Outfit 3: date night

As I said before, I am quite a casual dresser and so this might not seem like a date outfit to you. For me however, this is perfect. I get to stay comfortable and feel good in a nice shirt. I've again stuck to neutral colours, letting the cardigan be the focal point.

I have again gone for plain flats, but a pair of heels would look fantastic if you wanted to dress it up a bit.

Outfit 4: work/uni

Looking back at the photos now, I'm not entirely sold on the stripes with this cardigan but I do have to admit it adds interest to a simple outfit. I would personally strip it back even more and wear a plain black crop top.

I have again gone for flats, my staple shoes, but heels are always an option to dress it up a bit more, or perhaps some simple boots.

Outfit 5: summer evenings

Denim shorts and a collared shirt = a typical Tynnika outfit. I also adore tucking in my shirts and I think it looks quite cute when paired with the cardigan!

And again, we have my classic flats. I will basically live in this outfit I think - it is very me!

So there we are! Five outfits, which can be dressed up or down and use the one staple piece. I honestly adore this cardigan and I hope this post inspires you in some way. 
Let me know your favourite article of clothing and how many ways you can style it.


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