Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ed Sheeran and Mockingjay

Hi everyone!

Quite a while ago my Mum and I saw that Ed Sheeran was playing at Brisbane, and we of course looked at eachother and said "we have to go." So we bought tickets, and it was all very exiting.
A lot has happened recently, as you saw from my posts, and so I had basically forgotten that this was happening. You can imagine my excitement when I remembered!

We got to see Passenger live which was really cool. Although I don't know many of his songs, I definitely enjoyed Let Her Go live! He has an absolutely amazing voice.

We also saw the Rudimentals live, who I did not particularly like. There were so so many of them (Can anyone explain why there was 10 of them? I googled and it said there was only four in the band so I am very confused) and there was way too much bass and drum for my liking - you couldn't actually hear the singing! 

Obligatory selfie

Kiara and I, we played Go Fish with my cards while we waited for Ed Sheeran to come on

Family selfie

Kiara and I

Ed Sheeran!!

Ed Sheeran was absolutely incredible and I loved every second. He is so talented and I wish I knew more about how his loop machine thing works because it sounds amazing. Of course, my favourite song wasn't sung live (Give Me Love) but I've come to accept that I will never see my favourite songs live *cough* One Direction, I'm looking at you *cough*
Ed did play I See Fire though, and that's a close second.
Here's a quick rant: it started to rain so I ran up and got ponchos for us and guess how much they were?! $5 EACH for flimsy little bits of plastic, it was insane.

We then saw Mockingjay the other day and it was so so so good!
I can't find the family selfie, sorry, but here's Kiara and I

I'm still disappointed with the ending, but I thought that in the books too I was already expecting it. My favourite character died, as always, even though I hoped for once they would deviate from the books. (I don't have much luck with my favourites do I?)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I have some more fun adventures to share soon.