Monday, 7 December 2015


Hi everyone!

As I'm sure you've heard me mention, I went on Schoolies recently and my friends and I decided that Tangalooma, Moreton Island would be the perfect spot.

I don't really know how to describe Schoolies to you, so I have found a description on the official Schoolies siteSchoolies Week is a three week graduation festival celebrated by Year 12 school leavers from every corner of Australia. Schoolies week celebrations usually take place during the first 3 weeks following graduation starting in Mid November. Each year thousands of Year 12 students descend on Schoolies destinations to celebrate the end of their school years and enjoy what is also the ultimate summer holiday. Students make the journey from around Australia (and New Zealand and other countries) and for many it is their first holiday without their family, with their youth creating special needs.

Basically, it is just an excuse for everyone to get drunk and party for a solid week after they've graduated. I don't drink, but it was hilarious watching some of my friends.

Us about to board the ferry!

This was the house we stayed in - 123 North Pass. My bedroom was the one behind the top balcony. 

Within an hour or so of us all being there, we were straight into the water. (Excuse my facial expression)

This was the view from my balcony - it was absolutely beautiful to wake up to this in the mornings

This is where you found us most of the time

On the way to sand tobogganing

Alice and I

And off I went! It was so much fun

 We had a whole photo shoot of photos and here's one
The Disney Crew - we watched a Disney movie every night and it was pretty great

We're going snorkelling!

 We got to see a Lion Fish and heaps of fish which was pretty cool, as well as the old wrecks.

 Half of Salty Crew smashing out some trivia 
We won, and yes we all have matching shirts that says Salty Crew on the back

The two of us went on a Marine Discovery Crusie and we got to see two Dugong's, which was absolutely amazing.

 Dolphin feeding

 We did a puzzle which everyone helped with - it only had a hint picture, not the actual thing so it was a little difficult.

 Our last day

Tangalooma itself was very lovely, the facilities were all great and the staff were fantastic. The house was well worth it's money and it was well-maintained. My only complaint was the dodgy dinner we had at the Fire&Stone restaurant, but those things happen and it certainly didn't ruin our trip.

I had heaps of fun, even with the few arguments and Drunk Daycare. I would so do it all over again. Anyone keen for next year guys?


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