Saturday, 5 December 2015

Year 12 Formal

Hi everyone!

On the 19th of November I had my much anticipated school formal. I believe in other places you call it a prom? Basically, at the end of year 12 it is a chance for us all to get dressed up and spend ridiculous amounts of money to celebrate the end of our schooling.
I am very excited to share with you what I wore, and some photos of the amazing night.

The first thing I did was get my hair and make up done (Thank you Gems Hair Studio!), which of course resulted in many many selfies - I don't wear makeup so this was exciting.

This is the back of my dress and my hair style - I felt like a princess!

There was then of course the obligatory photo shoot with my family

Before going to the formal, a few of my friends and I met up at Cotton Tree for some photos and I think they turned out quite lovely.

As the shortest there, I still find it hilarious I was standing next to the tallest - it looks a little funny.

The girls all looking gorgeous

Alice and I

And now it was time for the actual formal! 

In the car

Us arriving

A very excited selfie

(He's really tall, okay, don't judge me)

The photo booth photos! There are so many but here are a few of my favourites

And my good friends, Nerdslol
This is the only professional photo I have so far, but when I buy the rest I will do a separate blog post because I love them so much. 

I had an amazing night, and I even successfully danced the nutbush in my heels. I also managed to wear my heels the whole night, which I think killed my feet a little bit. I want to do it all again!

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