Sunday, 3 January 2016

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the song of aching feet...

Hi everyone!

For Christmas this year, I bought my sister and myself tickets to go see Les Miserables that is currently showing in Brisbane. It is my absolute favourite musical and I was ecstatic to be able to go, and I know my sister was thrilled and surprised to open up that ticket on Christmas Day.

So, the two of us an a couple of friends set out in the morning ready for an incredible day. Apparently, the public transport gods didn't like us very much as the express train we were planning on catching was cancelled. Then, there was work on the rails between Caboolture and Northgate, so we had to fluff around and work out which bus we needed to take. We got a little disorientated looking for the train station in Foritude Valley, and then we had to walk from Roma Street station to South Bank. It was a nightmare and I did it all in a pair of heels.

When we actually made it to QPAC to see the show I was so grateful to sit down, and I was dreading the trip home because we would have to do it all again.

The show, in a very stark contrast, was absolutely phenomenal! I had never seen Les Mis live before so this was an absolute treat. The sets were all fantastic and I loved the scenes they did using the screen behind them - I thought it was so clever and it was beautiful to look at. I was a little unsure of Jean Valjean at first, simply because his way of singing was definitely not what I had pictured for him, but I very quickly warmed up to him. The actresses for both Eponine and Fantine were incredible and I loved little Gavroche. The Marius I saw was definitely not my favourite but I think that is mostly because I absolutely adored Eddie Redmayne in the movie and I think he's ruined it for me for anyone else. All in all, it was brilliant and I wish I could go again.

Here is Kiara and I, with feet covered in blisters

I was fangirling so hard and behind me is the merch stand, and they actually had posters! (Wicked, I'm still mad)

Ignoring the public transport nightmare, I had a great day with some great girls and I cannot sing the praises of this musical enough. (I'm writing this listening to the soundtrack from the movie... I'm obsessed right now) Definitely go see it if you get the opportunity!


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