Saturday, 6 February 2016

Italy: Pompeii

Hi everyone!

If you didn't read my first post on Italy about the start of my adventure you might want to visit this page to find out the details.

On our very first day in Italy we went to visit the one place I was most excited for - Pompeii! Basically Pompeii is an ancient Roman city and in 79AD Mount Vesuvius erupted, completely covering the entire city and Herculaneum, a nearby city, in ash. It wasn't until 1748 that the city was rediscovered, the people and their lives perfectly preserved by the ash.
I absolutely love learning about the history of Pompeii, and have since I was a young girl so you can imagine my excitement when we went to visit.

We travelled there by bus and got to see some pretty amazing views on the way

Outside of Pompeii were some markets we had a wander around and one of the girls in our group got pooped on by a bird! 

The first we saw of Pompeii was a big courtyard which I believe was the forum in the old times, otherwise known as a market-place of sorts.

Ancient streets lined with the remains of houses and shops

Alice and I walking across the large stone crossing

Our tour guide described this as the McDonald's of old. It was basically a store where the people could come and buy hot meals.

The amphitheater 

There we shelves and shelves of different household objects that had been found over the years. It was amazing to see how much had been preserved with more being discovered every day!

The Roman baths

A room in a brothel

Mount Vesuvius

I'm not sure what the significance of this guy is, but he was pretty cool

This was our group

Afterwards, Alice and I bought a frozen lemon drink and it was absolutely delicious! 

Pompeii was incredible and I loved every second! Stay tuned to hear what else I got up to during my stay in Italy.