Friday, 26 February 2016

Italy: Rome (Part 1)

Hi everyone!

As I am sure you have seen from my previous posts, in 2013 I went on an incredible trip to Italy and I am sharing with you all my adventures (I basically just want to travel but being a poor student means that's not going to happen anytime soon, so I'm living vicariously through my past).
If you haven't already guessed from the title, today's post is all about Rome! After staying on the Amalfi Coast for three nights, we departed there and headed for the next stage of our adventure with much anticipation.

We spent the first little bit on a bus, having a little tour and driving past some very cool sights.

My first selfie in Rome (there's a lot of graffiti)

We stopped a little later and after a short walk we had our first sighting of the infamous Colosseum, which was super duper exciting!

This is possible one of my absolute favourite pictures from the whole trip

Following that, we then visited the Circo Massimo (or Circus Maximus) where in the 4th century the arena was used for horse racing, athletics tournaments and animal fighting and was last used in 549AD. 

I don't have any more photos from this day but from what I can remember we went shopping in the afternoon (I bought some cool nail polish);

The next day; Alice and I braving public transport

In the morning we visited a market and began to learn how to haggle 

We then went to a lookout of Rome which had gorgeous views of the city!

We then visited a building which in my head I keep referring to as "The Wedding Cake" and I don't know why that is; I must have heard a tour guide or someone call it that and the name stuck in my head. It is basically a tomb of the Unknown Warrior, of whom is a symbol of all the people dead in the First World War and holds and eternal flame. 
There are guards behind the crowd of people in the first picture and it is actually illegal to sit on the steps. 

And that's all for today! I was planning on doing all of Rome in one post but it would gigantic if I did that - there's still the visit to ancient Rome and the Vatican City to go! 


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