Sunday, 6 March 2016

Italy: Rome (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

I am back to share more about my time in Italy and this post is the second half of my adventures in Rome. Believe it or not, we are still on the same day I left on! We did so much walking that day and it was super tiring but so worth it. (Travel advice: wear sneakers, not sandals!)
After the Wedding Cake, we then got to go and see some of ancient Rome, much to my excitement.

Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf

Ancient ruins

Alice and I waiting in line to see inside the Colosseum, we were very excited as I'm sure you can tell

It's hard to believe that hundreds and hundreds of years ago, this used to be an entertainment center for the populous, albeit a very bloody and violent form of entertainment. 

That evening after dinner, we went for a walk and visited the Spanish steps (which I'm pretty sure is famous for it's fashion shows or something) and the Trevi Fountain. 

We didn't get back to the hotel until 11pm that night and with a jam packed day it was hard to believe we were still functioning! 

The next day we visited the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel (sorry no photos allowed in there), and the museum. I'm sorry I don't have many photos from here - I didn't take any good ones and visiting the Vatican is a more of the whole experience, not a big land marked photo.

A group photo with St Peter's Basilica in the background

The courtuard 

Incredible roof paintings on the walk through the museum.
Please remember that if you ever visit the Vatican to make sure your knees and shoulders are covered as a sign of respect - hence our t-shirts and long pants.

Here's a very bad picture of me in the Basilica touching the Holy Water. I don't remember too well, but I was told a legend that if you touched the water and it was hot then you were damned/going to hell/something along those lines. I've never read about it anywhere else but there you go. 

Next, after stopping for gelato of course (I'm surprised there isn't more pictures of gelato, I had like three a day), was a visit to the Pantheon, which for some reason was a lot taller than I expected it to be! 

We then also visited the Trevi Fountain again, and threw in euro coins, which when thrown over your shoulder you would one day return to Rome. 

And that's all I have for today, stay tuned for more on my time in Italy, this time in Florence!