Sunday, 3 April 2016

Life Update

Hi everyone!

I know what you're all thinking: "Tynnika! Where were the posts this month??" I don't really have an excuse but anyway. I have been busy and I thought I would make a quick post letting you all know what's going on.

Basically, I've started university and it is a very hectic time! I have long train journeys each day I go down and it is ridiculously tiring. I have definitely been enjoying it so far though - all my courses have been very interesting. (My French is getting there too! Je m'appelle Tynnika et j'ai dix-sept ans. Je suis Australienne et j'etudie le journalisme et francais)
I am very proud that I can count to 20 and introduce myself in three languages!

I hope you all had a very happy Easter last weekend - I spent mine working! Every year now, instead of getting a load of chocolate Mum always buys us two books and this year I got Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and Soundless by Richelle Mead. I have already read Brooklyn and I enjoyed it immensely. If you like a slow moving book I definitely recommend you give it a crack.

I also made Easter cupcakes but I took basically zero pictures for some reason. My sister took a cool one for my Instagram though and you can check it out here.

Other than that my life has just been learning to drive a manual car, getting a lot of hayfever, and heavily procrastinating an essay that I should not be procrastinating. What have you been doing?