Thursday, 30 June 2016

Happy 18th To Me!

Hi all,

It's a very surreal feeling actually, to think that I am now officially an adult and that life is going by so quickly. How have I already been alive for 18 years? It's a little mental to think about - time is just flying by! My Birthday also means that it is now halfway through the year which is something else that is a little bit crazy when you think about it.

Because we are halfway through the year I've decided to make a few changes in my life - big and small ones. Although I would never admit it to my friends and family (sorry guys if you're reading this) I haven't been the happiest person the past few months (2015 too, but I'm not going into that). Semester one of university was hard and I think that was for many many different reasons and so it's time to change. I had a class which I absolutely hated but foolishly decided not to drop because I figured it was just me adjusting to uni but that was definitely not it. I'm not talking to my best friend and as I've now finished school I have hardly seen any of my good friends which really sucks. I won't lie to you, I was super lonely. Walking in the city on your own and realising you probably won't see anyone you know all day is not a fun thought to have and I hate it. I think me being so unhappy for the past few months was a combination of a lot of little things and so I have decided:

The end of 2016 is about me being happy.

You may or may not recall that I was doing a double degree in Journalism/Arts, and that I was majoring in International Relations and French. I've kept the journalism but I have decided to completely change my other two majors because I just wasn't enjoying it. International Relations is the aforementioned loathed class (there were so many tears over those essays) and while I enjoyed French and learning another language, they just go way too fast at a university level and it is all just sticking to the criteria which sucks all the enjoyment out of it. SO. I have changed my majors to Ancient History/History and English Literature and I am now really looking forward to next semester.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Book Tag: Winter is Coming

Hi all! Sorry for the extended absence - uni has been absolutely hectic. But don't worry, I am back now (well almost, my last exam is tomorrow) and I have got quite a bit planned for the next few weeks. Hopefully next semester I will be able to post a little bit more now that I know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for it.
I'm here today with another book tag! I chose this one solely for the name (you all know how much I love Game of Thrones). Living in Australia, with winter during the middle of the year and zero snow here in Queensland, none of the questions are all that applicable but I wanted to do it anyway and so here we are. I hope you enjoy!

1. Snow: It is beautiful when it first falls, but then it starts to melt. A book/book series that you loved at the beginning, but then, at the middle of it, you realized you don't like it any longer. 

The book that comes to mind for me for this question is Soundless by Richelle Mead. It's not that I didn't like the ending, but it just did not live up to the first half of the book. I was so interested in the concept (just picture it - an isolated Chinese village in the mountains were everyone is deaf) and I love other books from the author. But the ending, for me, was so rushed and just fell completely flat for what have could have been a great book.

2. Slowflake: Something beautiful and always different. Choose a book that stands out, that is different from all the other books you've read

I've definitely mentioned this book before and it's for a good reason! All the Truth That's in Me by Julie Berry is so unique and beautifully but hauntingly written that I will always remember it. This book was written in second person and it was just so unlike anything that I had ever read that it really strands out for me.

3. Snowman: It is always fun to make one with your family. Choose a book that a whole family could read. 

I'm sorry to say but this is always my default answer to these sorts of questions: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! I probably only say this because my whole family has read it and that's pretty rare because we all have different reading tastes. But everyone enjoyed the trilogy so it's definitely something the whole family can enjoy (maybe not if you're a little younger though).

4. Christmas: Choose a book that is full of happiness, that made you warm inside after reading it

What other answer could I possibly give this question aside from Harry Potter by J K Rowling? In the cold or the wet there's nothing you want more than sitting down with a feel-good book and Harry Potter ticks all the boxes. The series makes you warm and fuzzy and oh-so-happy and it is fantastic. It's absolutely miserable outside and I'm itching to pick up the Philosopher's Stone again, but I am going to resist - after all, I have to at least pretend I'm studying for this exam.