Sunday, 10 July 2016

Birthday Haul 2016

Hi everyone!

I am here today with the promised post - my Birthday haul for 2016. I was definitely spoilt by my family this year and I couldn't wait to tell you all what I got. I'm so so grateful to them all - I love everything I got.

There's not too much I can ramble about, so let's just get started!

You guys may or may not know, but I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I adore playing board games. So Mum found this and it is so cool! Instead of Piccadilly or whatever, there's Kings Landing and Winterfell and it's just generally really cool. I had great fun playing this with my friends the other day.

I also got these two gorgeous necklaces from extended family and I love them! I especially love how much thought went into the silver one with choosing which charms to put inside.

Mum has this exact perfume (Bvlgari Rose Esentielle) and I randomly sniffed it a while back and thought it was divine. So Mum got me a bottle and I think it is my new favourite perfume! I also got a few compliments on it when I saw friends on Thursday,

I of course also got two books, which Kiara helped Mum to pick out and I am now one book away from completing the entire Selection Series by Kiera Cass.

I got two pairs of earrings and guys, it's Tinkerbell!!! I love them to pieces.

No Birthday of mine would be complete without Disney movies and to add to my (addmittedly very large) collection I got Dumbo and Brother Bear)

You may think my family and I are lame, but we buy DVDs and I absolutely love Criminal Minds so I am super happy to have the first two seasons!
My grandparents got me this super cute figurine of Dumbo and I love it! It is honestly so adorable and I wish there was room on my bookshelf so I could display it in my room.

I also got a few random presents from my friends which was really lovely - thanks guys!

Also, I just need you to take a second to appreciate the cake my Mum made for me this year. How incredible is it??

And there we have it, my Birthday haul for 2016. Have you had a Birthday recently, and if so, what did you get?

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