Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mt Ngungun

Hi everyone!

You can probably tell already - but I don't exercise. Last year I had a yoga class once a week but I this year I don't even do that. So when I actually go out and do something it's a pretty big deal (although I will never go to the gym, that doesn't sound at all enjoyable).

So yesterday, along with a few of my girl friends we climbed a mountain! Now I have climbed Mt Ninderry a couple of times, as I've told you about here and here. These times are a rarity though so I was pretty excited when Mt Ngungun (pronounced noo noo) was suggested. It's located in the Glasshouse Mountains of Queensland and most of us had never been before which was lovely. It was a more gentle slope than Ninderry and it was actually really busy! It was kind of heartening seeing families going up before us - if they could do it than so can I (even if I'm really unfit). 

I made it to the top after only stopping briefly twice and the view is so worth whatever pain my legs are in! We took many customary photos which I will leave below. 

Climbing in winter is great because you definitely do not sweat as much and you can go out whenever without the threat of bad sunburn or heatstroke or something. I highly recommend it! It's a great form of exercise which is actually enjoyable.