Thursday, 4 August 2016

Horse Isle

Hi everyone!

You've probably just read the title of this post are thinking I've gone insane or something, but just bear with me. Basically, when I was quite young (Grade 5) I was obsessed with horses. I loved heaps of horse books such as The Saddle Club, Winnie the Horse Gentler and Phantom Stallion. So obviously when I discovered the big wide world of the internet, I wanted to play horse games. I tried a couple (Mystable, anyone?) but they just weren't cutting it. I don't really know how I found it, but I stumbled across Horse Isle way back in 2008 and now, in 2016, I am still obsessed with it.

(Sorry for the blurriness I didn't know how to fix it)
This is my little character in the main town

Horse Isle is basically a game which, while it has a large focus on horses (obviously), it also is heavily focused on doing quests. My favourite part is honestly talking to all the NPCs and doing the odd jobs or quests as they are known in game, whether that be delivering something, doing a maze, finding a lost object, or solving a minigame. You catch wild horses and then look after them - from training, to their groom and feed. It's literally my life and I love it.

Starting a new quest
(with a bit of behind the scenes of a blog post :P)

There are some pretty strict rules on the game such as no swearing, no sharing personal information (such as age and name etc) which some may think is a bit much but that is simply for the protection of younger players. Don't let it put you off the game because it is honestly great.

There's a huge world to explore!

One of my favourite horse breeds on the game, a Dole (there are hundreds though!)

I definitely don't think I have explained this properly but I just wanted to share something that has been a big part of my life for many years now. I play on the server Cremello if you wanted to pop around and say hello, but if you prefer to play with more people online I would have to recommend Pinto (that's painful to say, but Cremello is very quiet these days). 

I hope that you will consider giving it a go, it's the best horse game but it is definitely much more than that. I am definitely not still obsessed with horses and I am still captivated.


Note: this is not sponsored, I just love it that much. I have used their referral links though, so if you click one of my links I may redeem credit for it (all info on the website).

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