Friday, 30 September 2016

My Favourite Things: September

Hi everyone!

It's a little crazy to think that we are now at the end of September - when I think back to this time last year I cannot believe how much has changed. Definitely in a good way though! Since it is the end of the month that can only mean one thing: a favourites post! I've got a few random things to show you, like usual, so please don't be expecting anything beauty related because that is not me.

It was actually really difficult to decide on my favourite book this month! I read a few good ones, including an old favourite (Delirium by Lauren Oliver), but I eventually decided on Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. It was so so great and honestly, a whole lot more than I was expecting. I had heard a lot of good things around this book but I was still skeptical and ended up being pleasantly surprised! Poison Study is basically about a girl who murders someone and instead of being hanged she is offered the position of being a King's (or Commander in this story) poison taster. It's set in a castle, she's got magical powers, and there's an older romance (not with the Commander) that makes you swoon. I loved the main character Yelena and it was just a great story all around.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hi everyone!

This is a little bit of a different post today - a little more chatty, but a little more serious. I have actually wanted to write this post for just under a week now but I haven't had the words. So I'm just going to type away and hope that this ends up making sense.

Basically, last week I felt a little bit (or a lot) like I had failed. Failed myself and my parents, and what I had aimed to do this year. I had promised myself that I wouldn't procrastinate nearly as bad as I had been the semester before. This was a slight lie to myself but I wanted to make sure everything was handed in on time and that I passed my courses.

Now, there was one course I absolutely hated (intercultural communication blah blah) and I just found it to be so boring. The lecture content was a rehash of the textbooks, tutorials weren't relevant to anything, and the assessment was ridiculous. It is compulsory in my journalism degree though, so I stuck with it. I handed in the first assignment (a personal reflection - bleh) and was 2 points off a 6, despite starting it the day it was due. I was okay with that.

Then flash-forward a few weeks where I realise that the main assessment is actually due before mid-semester break and not afterwards like I had though. Then cue the realisation I physically couldn't do the assignment on time. We had to attend a cultural event and interview people there, but it had to be a culture we aren't in and living on the Sunshine Coast I didn't have very many options (ie none).

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Italy: Pisa and Venice

Hi everyone!

I'm continuing on with my Italy series, and we are nearly at the end now. We have now left Milan and are on our way to Venice, with a quick stopover in Pisa - a must on every travelers list.I have to say, I would recommend not staying in Pisa, not much is there besides the Leaning Tower so it's good for a stop over on the way to somewhere else.

The tower, which is so famous around the world, is actually only the bell tower to the cathedral. Bonanno Pisano, the architect, only managed to complete three tiers before it began to lean. In 1998 workers managed to straighten it slightly (the lean has now lost 40cm) and experts believe that the tower will be safe for another 300 years.

The obligatory tourist shot

The construction of the cathedral began in 1064 and is now characteristic of Pisan-Romanesque style. The interior holds 68 coloumns and has two 16th century bronze doors (facing the tower) which were placed there in 1596 when a fire destroyed the original wooden ones. There is a mosaic above the alter of Christ in Majesty which was finished in 1302.

A very tasty pizza! Be warned everyone, if you sit down at a restaurant in Italy, especially in the touristy spots, you are going to have to pay a tax.

We were now on our way to Venice!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Book Tag: Spring

Hi everyone!

As we are currently in the first month of spring (for Australia anyway) I thought it would be appropriate to do the Spring Book Tag. Some of the questions are a little random but we're just going to do it anyway and hope that it turns out okay.

I found this tag over at Fandomsontherun, so go check them out.

What is your favourite thing about spring?
My favourite thing about spring (I'm having a crisis right now, spring doesn't look like a real word anymore and it's so weird) would definitely have to be the lovely blue skies we get and the beautiful flowers. I love walking Sulley during spring because it is always a great temperature and the flowers and animal life just make it really pleasant and lovely.

What book reminds you of finishing school?
Honestly, The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger reminds me of finishing school. It is the book I took to schoolies with me at the end of last year so it is always going to make me think of sitting in the warm sun by the beach after a hectic school year. If we go back to childhood though, it would have to be The Saddle Club. I can distinctly remember sitting reading those once school had finished and loving them.

What cover reminds you of spring?

This edition of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver reminds me of spring. It has the bright blue skies with fluffy clouds and then the vibrant grass with animals and flowers.

I don't own this one yet (I've only got Delirium) but it is on the list!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Italy: Florence

Hi everyone!

It has been absolutely ages since I last did a post on my trip to Italy from a couple of years back, so if you need reminding what has happened so far you can find them here. My sister is going to Italy very soon (as you are reading this, she's flying out today) so I thought it only right that I finally finish this. If you want to keep up with her travels, she's taken over the old facebook blog my friend and I had.

After a quick breakfast in the hotel, we left Rome and were on our way to Florence. It was a bit of a bus trip and I'm not going to lie, I slept most of the way. We all hopped off the bus absolutely exhausted (and cranky) and it was straight into a walking tour of Florence.

There was a bike race on while we were there which was pretty cool. No idea what for though!

We went on a walking tour of Florence and ended up at the Piazza Del Duomo, which is of course where the famous Duomo (that you can climb) is located. What you are looking at in this picture is the Cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore and the Campanile of Giotto (the bell tower - 82m high) and the construction of this began in 1296 and took almost 150 years to be completed.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Spring Cleaning and Room Tour

Hi everyone!

As I am sure you are aware, we have moved into a new moth and a new season. I'm really excited because it is finally spring and I will now finally stop feeling so cold all the time. I may have gotten a little overeager (seeing as though as I write this I am freezing) but I had a Monday off (for once) and decided that I would give my room a good spring clean. I really wish I had taken before and after shots but we will just have to make do with what we've got.

I think I started off the morning slightly too eager but my mood definitely dampened as my hayfever got worse and worse! I put on The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the background and got to work.

Basically, I had a heap of stuff
under my bed I had had since I was little. I was hoarding junk basically and it was time to throw my sentimentality out of the window and get rid of it.
It was honestly just a load of nick-knacks that didn't really hold much worth to anyone but me with my childhood sentimentality. But I think I was pretty ruthless with what I culled and I ended up throwing three or four plastic bags full!
There was also a bag for the op shop (I would have donated more but it was literally all worthless) and a box for the recycling.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I Can Drive!

Hi everyone!

I'm not entirely sure what the driving process is in other countries, but in Australia it is pretty rigorous and I can finally say I have my red P's. Yay!
Basically, you have to have your learners (or L plates) for at least a year and you must do 100 hours of driving (including 10 night) supervised with someone on an open license. You can do this from 16 and for me, it honestly took the backseat during my hectic year 12 schedule.

To get your P's you have to do a practical driving test on the road, and I won't lie to you - I failed twice. But I got them last week and I am super duper proud. I can finally drive on my own and it feels really good. Honestly, I've just been given a crazy amount of freedom.

There are still a few restrictions (obviously) such as only having one non-family member under 18 between 11pm and 5am and that sort of thing. After I have my red p's for a year it is onto the green and I'm not sure how long I will have to have those for but anyway. We'll see when I get there!

I can't say I have actually really driven anywhere because I don't do anything but you know, I could if I wanted to.

Here's a cheesy picture of me holding my P plate - I was a little bit excited!

What are the rules like in your country and what process do you have to go through?