Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hi everyone!

This is a little bit of a different post today - a little more chatty, but a little more serious. I have actually wanted to write this post for just under a week now but I haven't had the words. So I'm just going to type away and hope that this ends up making sense.

Basically, last week I felt a little bit (or a lot) like I had failed. Failed myself and my parents, and what I had aimed to do this year. I had promised myself that I wouldn't procrastinate nearly as bad as I had been the semester before. This was a slight lie to myself but I wanted to make sure everything was handed in on time and that I passed my courses.

Now, there was one course I absolutely hated (intercultural communication blah blah) and I just found it to be so boring. The lecture content was a rehash of the textbooks, tutorials weren't relevant to anything, and the assessment was ridiculous. It is compulsory in my journalism degree though, so I stuck with it. I handed in the first assignment (a personal reflection - bleh) and was 2 points off a 6, despite starting it the day it was due. I was okay with that.

Then flash-forward a few weeks where I realise that the main assessment is actually due before mid-semester break and not afterwards like I had though. Then cue the realisation I physically couldn't do the assignment on time. We had to attend a cultural event and interview people there, but it had to be a culture we aren't in and living on the Sunshine Coast I didn't have very many options (ie none).

So I had to drop the course.

I won't even lie to you, having to drop a course like that (and wasting 700 something dollars) made me feel like shit and it made me feel like I had failed something important. Despite staying with friends during this, who usually cheer me up pretty well, I felt terrible and it was kind of like I thought I wouldn't pick myself back up after this.

I did, of course, because a week later here I am feeling pretty okay (and relieved to be honest that the course is gone). Basically, what I want to say to you is this: it is okay to fail something. If you did dreadful on an exam you studied really hard for - it's okay. If you did something to disappoint a loved one and you feel like you have failed them - it's okay. Whatever it is, whatever you have failed or whatever has made you feel disappointed in yourself - it's okay. Please don't feel like it's the end of the world or that you can't be happy anymore because it definitely isn't and you definitely can. Do something you love for a while, relax, and just focus on making yourself feel better. I personally watch a bit of my favourite TV shows (new one in my favourites post this month so look out for that) or put on a bit of calming music and just lie there.

It will be okay and you will be okay.


P.S Sorry for the super random post, but I hope it helps someone?

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