Sunday, 25 September 2016

Italy: Pisa and Venice

Hi everyone!

I'm continuing on with my Italy series, and we are nearly at the end now. We have now left Milan and are on our way to Venice, with a quick stopover in Pisa - a must on every travelers list.I have to say, I would recommend not staying in Pisa, not much is there besides the Leaning Tower so it's good for a stop over on the way to somewhere else.

The tower, which is so famous around the world, is actually only the bell tower to the cathedral. Bonanno Pisano, the architect, only managed to complete three tiers before it began to lean. In 1998 workers managed to straighten it slightly (the lean has now lost 40cm) and experts believe that the tower will be safe for another 300 years.

The obligatory tourist shot

The construction of the cathedral began in 1064 and is now characteristic of Pisan-Romanesque style. The interior holds 68 coloumns and has two 16th century bronze doors (facing the tower) which were placed there in 1596 when a fire destroyed the original wooden ones. There is a mosaic above the alter of Christ in Majesty which was finished in 1302.

A very tasty pizza! Be warned everyone, if you sit down at a restaurant in Italy, especially in the touristy spots, you are going to have to pay a tax.

We were now on our way to Venice!

I didn't get too many pictures on our arrival because I was sick and grumpy - as I think this picture shows pretty well!

Venice is built on 117 small islands and has around 150 canals and 409 bridges.

The Grand Canal, it is 3.5km long and is around 6m deep with its width ranging from 40m to 100m.


St Mark Basillica - in 828AD the Venetians stole the body of Saint Mark from Alexandria in Egypt and brought it to Venice where they built the basilica for him. The original burnt down in 932 and was then rebuilt in 1063. Doge Domenico Conarini thought it wasn't grand enough compared to the churches of the mainland and the new one was built in 1094. It remained their private property until 1807 and over that time they added and embellished the church to what we know it as today.

On a gondola!

And there we have it - Pisa and Venice. As you might be able to tell from the lack of pictures I was pretty ill during this time but it was still a fantastic experience and I hope to go back again one day to enjoy it more when I am not actually sick.
I've just remembered! We ate some really cool gelato in Venice, and one I distinctly remember was watermelon flavoured which is pretty crazy. I seem to have lost some of Alice's pictures so sorry I can't show you! :(


Don't forget - my sister is in Italy at the moment! You can check out what she is up to here.

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