Friday, 30 September 2016

My Favourite Things: September

Hi everyone!

It's a little crazy to think that we are now at the end of September - when I think back to this time last year I cannot believe how much has changed. Definitely in a good way though! Since it is the end of the month that can only mean one thing: a favourites post! I've got a few random things to show you, like usual, so please don't be expecting anything beauty related because that is not me.

It was actually really difficult to decide on my favourite book this month! I read a few good ones, including an old favourite (Delirium by Lauren Oliver), but I eventually decided on Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. It was so so great and honestly, a whole lot more than I was expecting. I had heard a lot of good things around this book but I was still skeptical and ended up being pleasantly surprised! Poison Study is basically about a girl who murders someone and instead of being hanged she is offered the position of being a King's (or Commander in this story) poison taster. It's set in a castle, she's got magical powers, and there's an older romance (not with the Commander) that makes you swoon. I loved the main character Yelena and it was just a great story all around.

My Mum, sister and Dad have all been raving about Poldark for aaages now and for some reason I was slightly reluctant to watch it. The new season started up on TV this month though, so I binged watched the entirety of the first season this month and I am hooked. It has so much going for it: the historical setting (1780s), it's in Cornwall (!!), the main guy (Aidan Turner) is so great, and the romance is to die for. The scenery is amazing, the soundtrack even better, and it has the perfect balance of drama. Love it love it love it!

My next favourite is  little bit loud but I had been eyeing it off in the shops for simply ages. So obviously when it went on sale I just had to grab it. It's basically a baggy jumper (super soft on the inside) which is covered in Disney princesses! I love it a slightly ridiculous amount and this jumper is the only reason I am sad that the weather is warming up again.
If you were wondering, I got this jumper from JayJays but I can't seem to find it on their website.

We have a food favourite (of course) and this month it is these Mother Earth muesli bars! I have been looking all semester for a snack that wouldn't make too much mess and that I could easily eat on the go but was still filling. It took me an embarrassingly long time to think of muesli bars but we've made it now. There are a couple of different flavours but I definitely think that the chocolate chip ones are my favourite. They just have a great amount of chocolate in them! I feel like I'm satisfying my chocolate craving but I'm being a little bit healthy at the same time. It's great. These ones are also not too dry, which is something I've had a problem with in the past.

You may or may not remember that two months ago I was loving the Atonement soundtrack, and yes I listened to it obsessively for those two months. But I've found something to replace it (I think Mum is getting annoyed at how much I play things over and over) and that is Shawn Mendes' new album. I've been waiting since February, when I first discovered him, for this album and it was so worth it. Like the first, the songs are all beautiful lyrically and they are all completely my style of music. I love love Mercy, but they're all fantastic. Nice job Shawn, its a great album!
Rant time: I really want to hear his music live but being little old me in Queensland, Australia, he's obviously not coming to Brisbane. Two shows in Sydney and he is off again ):
Please come to Brisbane? I adore your music!

Well there you have it everyone! My favourites of September - I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear what your favourites are too.