Saturday, 10 September 2016

Spring Cleaning and Room Tour

Hi everyone!

As I am sure you are aware, we have moved into a new moth and a new season. I'm really excited because it is finally spring and I will now finally stop feeling so cold all the time. I may have gotten a little overeager (seeing as though as I write this I am freezing) but I had a Monday off (for once) and decided that I would give my room a good spring clean. I really wish I had taken before and after shots but we will just have to make do with what we've got.

I think I started off the morning slightly too eager but my mood definitely dampened as my hayfever got worse and worse! I put on The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the background and got to work.

Basically, I had a heap of stuff
under my bed I had had since I was little. I was hoarding junk basically and it was time to throw my sentimentality out of the window and get rid of it.
It was honestly just a load of nick-knacks that didn't really hold much worth to anyone but me with my childhood sentimentality. But I think I was pretty ruthless with what I culled and I ended up throwing three or four plastic bags full!
There was also a bag for the op shop (I would have donated more but it was literally all worthless) and a box for the recycling.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I am a very big One Direction fan and as such I had many many posters of them. Like, a ridiculous amount of posters. As you can see from the box there was a lot (I found more afterwards too). It was a strange feeling throwing those in the recycling. In some ways it was the end of an era for me - almost like I am beginning to accept that I am an adult now.

My room was then looking a little hectic and I was getting stressed because I couldn't move (and honestly it doesn't even look that bad in the picture) but I was so done for the moment so I gave my dog a bath and washed my hair to give me a little break.

But then after that it was straight back into it! I put on a new movie, this time Beauty and the Beast, and put away everything that I was keeping and got rid of all the stuff I wasn't. I vacuumed and tidied the floor up and decided to tackle my next task: the wardrobe.

It has been ages since I've worn my summer stuff so I literally tried on every single dress, skirt, pair of shorts, and togs that I own to see what fit. The togs were a no go (they're so old now! I just seem to seriously struggle with swimwear) but my dresses and skirts were all great. I've been having a little trouble with jeans fitting properly this year so it was no surprise when the only two pairs to fit comfortably are the ones I bought recently. I gave some to my sister to try and the rest (mostly because they're my favourites) I am going to keep and try tucking in shirts and wearing belts and seeing how that goes. Keep your fingers crossed because I really love my shorts!
Once that was sorted I tidied up my desk and it was then somehow dinner time. Honestly where had the day gone? My room was looking super tidy and great and that made me realise I had never shown you my room before, so for those interested, keep reading! (Sorry about the kind of dodgy pictures - it was night and even if I did it at daytime I still get terrible lighting in this room because I am at the back of the house and get no sun)

My door and what it looks like as you walk in

My bookshelf, which is on the wall to the right as you walk in

My desk (I know I am a little crazy with the photos)

My bed (with an appearance from Sulley)

The end of my bed and start of the wardrobe

Wardrobe and chest of drawers, right next to the drawers we are back at the door

I hope you have all enjoyed this slightly random post today!

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