Monday, 31 October 2016

My Favourite Things: October

Hi everyone!

We have again reached that time where I share what I have been loving throughout the month, which is actually a little bit crazy. Where is the time going? Tragedy has struck this month: besides the obligatory uni reading I have read nothing and as such I don't have a favourite book. I'm slightly devastated but we'll just have to make do.

My first favourite is not just a monthly or one off favourite - this has been something I have loved for years and years. Downton Abbey is probably my absolute favourite TV show of all time (although closely rivaled by Game of Thrones) and it was about time I shared my love of it with all of you. It's set from 1900 to around 1920 and I adore it. The show is about an upper class family and their servants, all set in their big estate of Downton Abbey. It's funny at times and is always an enjoyable watch. If I am feeling down this is, without a doubt, the show I will reach for to watch. I love it! (My Mum, Dad, and sister all do too)

I stay with friends overnight often and the toiletry bag I had been using just wasn't cutting it anymore. It was one of Kiara's and was super old, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. You can imagine my surprise when looking through the options in Target that I found a Zoella product! I didn't want to buy anything just because it was Zoe Sugg's, but I checked out all the options but I think this one gave me the most bang for my buck. It is a really good size and fits everything I need and more in it, plus it has a a quote on it that I absolutely lived by last year. I also really love the polka dots - my one wish though, is that the bag was blue! It's very practical though and I'm loving it. Why did an Australian Target have it though? I'm slightly bewildered by this.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Book Tag: Reading Habits

Hi everyone!

I am here today with another book tag - although is this really a surprise anymore? I post a book tag on the 20th of every month if you were wondering. This week isn't so much about books as it is about my reading habits. I haven't even read the questions yet so this could be interesting! I found The Reading Habits Book Tag at at The Reading Belle and you can find it here.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
I don't actually, but I do read in my bed a lot. One day when I have my own house (and money I guess) I want a super big and comfy armchair in the corner of a cosy room which will be solely for reading - I cannot wait!

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
I usually use a bookmark but if I've randomly started reading a book I am definitely not opposed to random paper or receipts being used instead,

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?
I hate stopping in the middle of a paragraph! It is so irritating. I like to finish reading at the end of the chapter, but if that's not possible I try to find a natural break in the story rather than just stopping at random.

Do you eat or drink while reading? 
Yes I do and it is something I need to stop. I will, without fail, make a mess so I think it's time to keep eating and reading separate.

Multitasking - music or TV while reading?
I can read almost anywhere so having the TV on or anything doesn't really bother me. I do prefer silence though, or music without any words.

One book at a time or several at a time?
I used to be so bad with reading so many books at once but lately I have been sticking to just one at a time and it has been great so far.

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Day in the Life of a University Student

Hi everyone!

I have been meaning to do this post for absolutely ages, but for some reason it has just never quite happened. But today is the day - you come with me on a day to my uni. For those of you that do not know, I am currently studying at the University of Queensland in Australia studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Arts, majoring in English Literature and Ancient History/History. It has been a fantastic experience so far and history is definitely my favourite. This semester I've been looking at ancient Rome during the republic and it has been so interesting!

I live on the Sunshine Coast but uni is in Brisbane, so my day is a little different to a lot of students who live around the uni. For one thing I spend a ridiculous amount of time on trains! I set an alarm for 5:45 (it was 4:30 last semester so lets all be glad that's over!) and please note the 'set alarm' part. I normally don't get up until about 6:20 because I hate mornings. Pro tip:the night before, even if you're exhausted or just wanting to lay in bed ignoring the coming morning, lay everything out (books, clothes, water bottle, everything) and all you have to do is get dressed and run out the door. It's actually amazing.

Here we have me standing waiting for the train at around 6:55 on a Thursday morning. Thursday's don't actually begin like this normally, I usually stay with some friends over the Wednesday night to save myself two train trips (it's exhausting and hurts my back/neck). But I had skipped my Wednesday this week (bad example - go to class everyone!) So here we are.

You're probably thinking right now that Australia, or specifically Queensland, has the dodgiest trains ever and I mean you're not totally wrong. This is one of the oldest but I won't whinge because the chairs are way comfier (high back, foot rest, can recline, blinds for the sun) and because I get on early I can get a single seat. Life is a dream when you get the old train! (Except for the one that broke down the other day and set me getting home back by almost an hour)

Here's my set up - the book is a lie. I napped a lot. On a side note: I bought these sandals the other day and they are so comfy. Like I have worn them non-stop and I've had no issues. They're incredible and I've now got a newfound appreciation for sandals.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Italy: In The North

Hi everyone!

We have finally made it - to the last ever Italy post from my trip in 2013. Today I am going to share with you the time I had in Northern Italy - including Milan, Torino, and Asti. Basically, after our travels around Italy that you have previously read about, we then stayed with an Italian host family in the town of Asti. It was a fantastic experience and my host family was absolutely lovely. I apologise in advance because this is going to be a very long post!

I had honestly completely forgot about this, but we stopped in Verona on our way to Asti. I was so ill at the time and I don't really remember much about the place. I know we got to Guiliette and Romeo's balcony and the lucky statue of Guiliette. 

If you touch or rub her right breast, it is said to bring you luck.

The balcony

We then met our host families and a few of us went out to dinner in their town, Asti

This is the pizza I chose - so delicious

Asti during the day - it was a delightful town!

Apple and raspberry gelato