Monday, 17 October 2016

A Day in the Life of a University Student

Hi everyone!

I have been meaning to do this post for absolutely ages, but for some reason it has just never quite happened. But today is the day - you come with me on a day to my uni. For those of you that do not know, I am currently studying at the University of Queensland in Australia studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Arts, majoring in English Literature and Ancient History/History. It has been a fantastic experience so far and history is definitely my favourite. This semester I've been looking at ancient Rome during the republic and it has been so interesting!

I live on the Sunshine Coast but uni is in Brisbane, so my day is a little different to a lot of students who live around the uni. For one thing I spend a ridiculous amount of time on trains! I set an alarm for 5:45 (it was 4:30 last semester so lets all be glad that's over!) and please note the 'set alarm' part. I normally don't get up until about 6:20 because I hate mornings. Pro tip:the night before, even if you're exhausted or just wanting to lay in bed ignoring the coming morning, lay everything out (books, clothes, water bottle, everything) and all you have to do is get dressed and run out the door. It's actually amazing.

Here we have me standing waiting for the train at around 6:55 on a Thursday morning. Thursday's don't actually begin like this normally, I usually stay with some friends over the Wednesday night to save myself two train trips (it's exhausting and hurts my back/neck). But I had skipped my Wednesday this week (bad example - go to class everyone!) So here we are.

You're probably thinking right now that Australia, or specifically Queensland, has the dodgiest trains ever and I mean you're not totally wrong. This is one of the oldest but I won't whinge because the chairs are way comfier (high back, foot rest, can recline, blinds for the sun) and because I get on early I can get a single seat. Life is a dream when you get the old train! (Except for the one that broke down the other day and set me getting home back by almost an hour)

Here's my set up - the book is a lie. I napped a lot. On a side note: I bought these sandals the other day and they are so comfy. Like I have worn them non-stop and I've had no issues. They're incredible and I've now got a newfound appreciation for sandals.

Aaaand here's a dodgy seflie of myself trying to look semi-awake. If you're wondering what I listen to, I have two playlists that I alternate between. The first one is "Too Much To Handle" and contains the whole of Shawn Mendes' new album (and a couple from his old one), Niall Horan's song, my favourite 5SOS songs from their new album, my favourites from the past two One Direction albums, and one Disney song (I See The Light from Tangled). It's great, please don't judge me. The other is "Reading" and has the following sountracks: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia), Game of Thrones Season Five, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Tangled (no singing), Harry Potter 7 and 8. Love love love it.

Two hours later I'm off the train and it's time for a quick walk through the city. Here's a cool looking church which is in the middle of a heap of business offices (the boring buildings basically) so it really stands out.

And here we have one of the only cool buildings in Brisbane, the Town Hall.

Here's my bus! It's about a 20/30 minute trip so yes, my total travel time in a day is 5 hours. It sucks.

After all that, it's time for a bit of breakfast. (I'm really bad and don't have anything so you all make sure you eat breakfast!!) If I don't have a milo at home, I grab a small hot chocolate and they can never spell my name write (to be fair though, if they ask I spell it wrong so they will actually say it right). I also have one of my muesli bars every morning.

I tried to take some photos of my uni for you but I failed miserably. I would suggest googling UQ - it's actually quite pretty (although the jacaranda's are killing me at the moment with my hayfever)

(Sorry anyone with OCD, this photo is smaller because it was a snapchat) We're onto actual classes now! My first one of the day is a two hour lecture of my ancient history course and I always really enjoy it. The content is interesting and engaging and I love history - so there's no chance of me falling asleep thank goodness! 
After history I run to a tutorial for my journalism course, and at the moment for that I am writing an investigative piece on the effect year 12 had on the mental health of students. 

By now it is 1pm and I have an hour break where I usually grab lunch. If you're curious, my standard sushi order is smoked salmon and a teriyaki chicken with brown rice (brown rice is amazing). I pretty much just sit and do nothing for an hour even though I should be doing my readings for the coming tutorial.

We have snapchat filters if you wanted to see that?

After the tutorial its a mad dash to the bus stop (same bus as the morning) to try and get to Roma St for the 3:30 train. I usually miss it because of the traffic but this week I didn't! So here's me looking very done with trains.

I also apparently did some work on the train home. I will quite often just sit there and do nothing so this felt quite productive. I get home around 5:30pm and I typically just go home and have dinner with the family and then watch some trashy TV to wind down for the evening. (I've been watching Teen Wolf and I know it's terrible but I watch it anyway. I'm truly disgusted at myself right now)

My day might not look like much to you but it's plenty exhausting and I hate that I travel more than I have hours of class. Thursday is my favourite day though, because of the history. 
I get a little bit lonely sometimes but it will be worth it in the end. 
I hope you enjoyed this insight into my uni life (the other days are spent at work)!