Monday, 31 October 2016

My Favourite Things: October

Hi everyone!

We have again reached that time where I share what I have been loving throughout the month, which is actually a little bit crazy. Where is the time going? Tragedy has struck this month: besides the obligatory uni reading I have read nothing and as such I don't have a favourite book. I'm slightly devastated but we'll just have to make do.

My first favourite is not just a monthly or one off favourite - this has been something I have loved for years and years. Downton Abbey is probably my absolute favourite TV show of all time (although closely rivaled by Game of Thrones) and it was about time I shared my love of it with all of you. It's set from 1900 to around 1920 and I adore it. The show is about an upper class family and their servants, all set in their big estate of Downton Abbey. It's funny at times and is always an enjoyable watch. If I am feeling down this is, without a doubt, the show I will reach for to watch. I love it! (My Mum, Dad, and sister all do too)

I stay with friends overnight often and the toiletry bag I had been using just wasn't cutting it anymore. It was one of Kiara's and was super old, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. You can imagine my surprise when looking through the options in Target that I found a Zoella product! I didn't want to buy anything just because it was Zoe Sugg's, but I checked out all the options but I think this one gave me the most bang for my buck. It is a really good size and fits everything I need and more in it, plus it has a a quote on it that I absolutely lived by last year. I also really love the polka dots - my one wish though, is that the bag was blue! It's very practical though and I'm loving it. Why did an Australian Target have it though? I'm slightly bewildered by this.

As I mentioned in my post "A Day in the Life of A University Student" I have, for once, actually splurged on a pair of sandals. I don't know what it is, but I have always been more of a flat girl than someone who wears sandals. But I went for these ones, because I really liked how they looked and the bottom was actually really comfortable (it probably helps that the brand is called London Rebel Comfort). I have worn these nearly non-stop since I bought them and they seem to be holding up well and I have had no issues walking/driving in them. And they have been comfortable the entire time which is always a bonus! These are actually tempting me to try out more sandals now.

I tried a face mask this month! It was very exciting and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be making the effort to do it more often. The brand I used was Formula 10.0.6, and I had used them before with their Rescue Me! Acne Blemish Treatment which is really great. I didn't use the exact one in the picture (my Mum did though), I instead used the one that says it draws out oil and was green. It definitely stung for a minute, but that went away quite quickly and how it felt when you took it off was amazing. My face was so smooth and felt so much clearer - I was really happy with the product!

As you may or may not know, I am a big One Direction fan. A really big fan. So, seen as though it looks like they have broken up for good I've been a little disappointed about it but then my favourite band member, Niall Horan, decides to just randomly release a song and I think I almost died. Like Shawn Mendes (who's album I'm still obsessed with by the way) This Town is exactly my kind of music and I really really love it. It's lyrics are beautiful and the tune is slow moving and lovely - I cannot get enough.
This single makes me so excited for what is to come!

And there we have it - my favourites for October 2016. I'm still sad about not having read anything that wasn't for uni, but I think the other favourites made up for it a little. What have you been loving this month?