Saturday, 5 November 2016

What's In My University Bag

Hi all!

This won't come as a shock to you but I am very seriously procrastinating a uni assignment (an important one too! Literally what am I doing) so I thought it was time to change the pointless late nights of nothing to something productive.

So hi, I'm procrastinating uni by writing about uni (???) but it's a little different today. We're looking at what is in my bag! I apologise if this is a boring topic for you but I love watching these videos on YouTube, so it might work out here too. I hope.

The lightning isn't the best (It's almost 11pm) but this is the bag I use when I go to uni for the day (if I'm staying the night with friends I take a back pack). If I am being honest, it isn't big enough. It doesn't close half the time because my book sticks out too much and I carry around too much for it to be comfortable. But bag shopping stresses me out a little so we're sticking with it. (It's from Boohoo, and I've just gone through my order history and it says it's not available anymore. Sorry!)
Also yes, that is a jumper - in summer (almost). But I absolutely freeze in air-conditioning so jeans and a jumper is a must to uni.
Most importantly, I have my phone and wallet (if you were wondering where my phone is, the case is magnetic which is actually amazing). In the phone case I carry around the important things like my gocard (for the public transport in South East Queensland) my bank card, uni ID and driving license. My bigger wallet contains all my loyalty cards and cash, a train timetable and things like that - just the things I don't need as much.

I obviously take actual supplies to do my work in. One notebook which I use for all my classes and then spare paper for making pretty notes and then pens (I'm very particular with my pens, black only, these specific ones and red is only used for the pretty notes - blue is never an option. I don't use the sharpie).

This is when you think I'm nuts because yes, there are two books in my bag. There's always one for my English Literature plus sticky tabs in case I need them while reading and then a for fun reading book. (I'm not reading anything at the moment and I chose this one just because I don't think I've ever mentioned it and it is amazing. Just think - motorcycle race, just after a World War 2 where Hitler wins, pretending to be other people, and an assassin to kill Hitler. It's great and the sequel comes out this month and I'm so keen. Actually, it could be out already I don't really know).

I then carry my diary (I hate mine this year - it's too small and I don't like the layout) and then my glasses.

I carry a water bottle and then my favourite muesli bars ever which actually got to feature in my September favourites because they are just so good.

Next there is the all important earphones - I would be lost on the train without these! I've also been carrying a portable charger and my cable around lately because my iPod that I usually take is in the car and I haven't gotten around to charging it.

We then have a bit of miscellaneous items - band-aids, tictacs, lip balm (x2 apparently), hand sanitiser (public transport is gross),and my house keys. I also carry around exciting things like hayfever tables, panadol and girl products but I figured you didn't want to see that.

Well that was a little random but I hope it was somewhat interesting to have a little nose-y around what I take to university with me. What are your must haves?


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