Friday, 9 December 2016

My Reading Journey

Hi all!

I know I know, I have the most cringe title in existence but I couldn't think of anything else. Because this post is, essentially, my reading life or journey over the years. This may be a long post because I'm starting from picture books and going all the way through to what I read now.

Basically, I have always been a reader. For as long as I can remember nothing has made me happier or more content than how I feel with a fantastic book in my hand. Mum says she used to read to me when I was still in her tummy, so I honestly think that is where it all started. I've picked picture books to show you that I can vividly remember from my childhood, and that one day I myself want to read to my children.

These first ones actually get their own photo because they were absolutely stunning. As a child I loved these stories (as did my sister) and the illustrations throughout them were enchanting. Honestly, even at 18 I love the illustrations in this book - they're just so beautiful.

Now my picture book selection is limited to what I own, so we have some picture books at the top (I don't even know who wrote those but I loved them), Dr Seuss, my favourite Beatrix Potter story, and of course the Little Golden Books. I read a lot of books as a child and these stand out particularly vividly to me, as well as Pamela Allen, Mem Fox (I'm interrupting to let you know I almost just jumped out of my skin at how loud that crack of thunder was, holy moly), The Very Hungry Caterpillar, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Hairy Mclairy... So many!!

We're now moving on to about the ages of 8-10 (I think - it's kind of hard to place things when everything blurs together in your memory). The earliest reading ones here are definitely the "Fairy Books" as I called them - Lucy the Diamond Fairy was my favourite. Honestly, I wanted to be one of the girls in these stories and I used to have an imaginary fairy who I packed a mini lunch box for and took to school with me (I wish I was joking - I used lego and Barbie/Bratz stuff). There's also the Fairy Realm series by Emily Rodda which I loved loved loved and the Tinkerbell books.

Moving up a bit age wise you can see my horse obsession shine through with The Saddle Club and sequel series Pine Hollow, Black Beauty (an abridged version, although it will later be the first classic I ever read), Phantom Stallion and Winnie the Horse Gentler. I was also a pretty big fan of Nancy Drew and Roald Dahl, and a series I don't own which is Lily Quench by Natalie Jane Prior.

There was honestly a gazillion books in some of these series and I read them all!

This is also where I have to make mention of my absolute favourite childhood author - Enid Blyton. I've got so many of her books but I thought I would keep it simple and show you some favourites. My favourite was the Famous Five, and the first one I ever read was actually number 17 which is the top on you can see in the picture. The Magic Faraway Tree books were something I adored (along with the Wishing Chair) and I dreamed that one day I would find it and have the same adventures as these children. I also loved the boarding school books like Malory Towers and St Clare's, as well as The Adventure Series, The Find-Outers, and The Secret Seven - basically everything if I'm being honest.

I've definitely mentioned this before, but Heidi by Johanna Spyri is my favourite childhood book. Probably my all-time favourite book too. I love it so so much that I cannot even describe it to you. The smell of the book, the pictures, the story line, the characters, and the setting - everything is absolutely delightful.

This is what I call my Year 7 stack (so around 11/12) and I actually read my first young adult book! It was Something More from the Girlfriend Fiction collection, and I then went on to read so many more and loving them. I was a huge Meg Cabot fan and I read all her books, but I think the Princess Diaries were my favourite. 
I've then also picked some of my all time favourite books to share from this time: The Prophecy of the Gems by Flavia Bujour (loved this one so much I made all my friends read it), Ingo by Helen Dunmore which I still love, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah (my first proper experience of another culture through literature and the horrors that sometimes occur), The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester (very well loved as you can see from that spine!) Dragonkeeper by Caroline Wilkinson, and The Mistmantle Series by M. I. McAllister (if anyone can find these online please tell me! I've only ever seen the first one and I'm dying to get my hands on them - I never got to finish the series as my library didn't have them all.

We've hit High School now, and this is what I read around Grade 8 and 9 (12/13/14). You can probably see I went through a phase of reading the super popular things (why had I not read Harry Potter sooner??) but I really enjoyed them. I also loved Tomorrow, When The War Began by John Marsden which I think is an Australian classic, and one of my all-time favourites, Angel by L. A. Weatherly. I didn't stray very far from these types of books for quite a while but I do get there!

I was going to go through what I read now but that's way too much for this post, and you will have all heard about it anyway because they are what I talk about on my blog. If you are interested in my more current reads please go check out my goodreads profile (add me as a friend if you like - I won't mind!) where I have my ratings on them all. 

If you wanted some random facts about my reading now: the classic I read (besides Black Beauty) was Les Miserables - which is absolutely ridiculous. My first adult book was Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin and I really loved that.

Well I hope you enjoyed hearing about the books of my childhood and this was somewhat interesting to you. What book/s really stand out from your childhood?