Saturday, 17 December 2016

Nerdy Shirt Collection

Hi everyone!

We are doing something a little different today - we're delving into the depths of my closet to take a look at all the "nerdy" shirts I own. And yes, I'm including Disney (and Mickey Mouse in it). To some it's probably not many but I love my shirts and just wanted to show them off a bit. There's no rhyme or reason to the photo's - it's just in the order I uploaded them but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

If you're not already aware, I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones so I obviously had to have a shirt commemorating this. My favourite character (or one of them) is Jon Snow so this one was perfect. I got this one from K Mart, but I couldn't find it on the website. But go in store or check out their site because honestly, this was $6 and there's always something to be found (Kiara has a few Marvel shirts from here).

This one is probably my least favourite of them all because it is so garish and bright. It was a lucky dip from a website for cheap so I thought why not? I do want to get another Doctor Who shirt though because I love the show. (No idea what website it was - I've searched my emails and cannot find it)

I think this shirt is my favourite, it is just way too cute! It comes from JayJay's, like most of these shirts do. I'm not even kidding but I could buy that whole shop because they just have so many great nerdy shirts! (Their Harry Potter collection at the moment is so great). Unfortunately I haven't bought any of these recently but so many great ones available now as well.

I think I've probably had this one since about 2011 which is slightly ridiculous but anyway. Again, it's from JayJay's but this definitely would not be available. I don't wear it very often, if I'm being honest, because I definitely prefer T Shirts.

This one is just wayyy to cute and I really like tucking it into denim shorts (and who doesn't love Bambi?). I have to say though, my one complaint with JayJays shirts is that they can quite often be to long on me, but that is usually solved by tucking it in (short people problems).

I love Peter Pan prints and stuff (it's my phone background and laptop background if that says anything) so I really love this one. It's from a site called Red Bubble and I went with the burgundy because I think it looks good on me.
(Side note - look up Thomas Kinkade. I've got a calendar with his work this year and his Peter Pan one is my laptop background. So so gorgeous)

Oh and what a surprise - another JayJay's shirt. I really like this one though because oops moments happen to me all the time (I'm a bit of a klutz so I drop everything).

Besides having a great design, this one gets bonus points because it is a cropped shirt (!!!) Which means, it actually sits at a flattering spot and looks good without tucking it in. I really wish JayJays would do more of these.

You've definitely seen this one before because I have mentioned it in a favourites post- but how gorgeous is it?? I honestly think this is one of the prettiest Hufflepuff shirts I have ever seen.

When I was younger I loved Tweety Bird and Road Runner so when I saw a Loony Tunes shirt in K Mart I couldn't leave it there. It was probably super cheap like the Game of Thrones one, but I honestly cannot remember. I really like that this one has longer sleeves so it is great at uni during cooler weather!

Aaand here we have another one from 2011/2012 - but honestly, how do these still fit? I was around thirteen when I got it. This one is getting a bit old now but I still love wearing it, and I don't think it sits as low as JayJays newer shirts do (which is always a plus!)

And there we have it - that is my nerdy shirt collection. It may not be as nerdy as some people's but I love then all. Also, apologies for everything being from JayJays but they honestly have the best ones and for some reason it is really difficult to find licensed shirts in Australia.