Friday, 24 February 2017

Top 5 TV Shows

Hi everyone!
You all know I am a huge lover of reading and books but you may not be aware that I also looove watching TV (and movies, but today we're talking about TV). There are a lot of shows I could have mentioned in this list, both old favourites and recent discoveries, but I've decided to go with my all time Top 5 TV Shows. These are ones that I recommend time and time again, and that always spring to mind when someone asks me what my favourite shows are. Don't worry though, I'll still talk about the other shows one day, so keep an eye out!

My list of favourite TV shows would never be complete without mentioning my favourite show of all time: Downton Abbey. It is a show I have watched many many times, as have my family, and I've adored it each and every time. It's a delightful show set from 1912 (think when the Titanic sank) to 1925 and centers around an aristocratic family, the Crawley's, and their servants. It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking, witty (and dare I say funny?), and completely addicting. There's obviously a lot of drama and it's all set in a wonderful old abbey. I just love this show so much and if there is only one you watch from this list I hope it is this one.

Poldark (starring Aidan Turner - think Kili in The Hobbit) is a more recent find of mine and only two seasons are out so far but I really love it. The cast is fantastic and the rugged setting of Cornwall, England is to die for. Poldark is set around the 1780s and is about a poor man trying to restart his fathers old mines. There are lot's of struggles, romance, and drama and it's a great show that once again my whole family loves to watch.

Call The Midwife is a show that never fails to put a smile on my face. It can, of course, be absolutely devastating at times, but the older setting (1950s/60s) and never ending stream of babies is a delight. The cast and characters are absolutely lovely, and although there is no overarching plot per se, they make it all worth while. I'm especially loving Barbara in the new season at the moment! Dad isn't so keen on this one, but Mum, Kiara and I have all been watching a couple of episodes whenever we are all home in the evening. It's so good!

Doctor Who is a show I've watched for years and years now (maybe since I was 15?) and I adore it. Disclaimer: I haven't seen the latest season. But I only haven't because I'm not the biggest fan of the current doctor (Peter Capaldi) so I've had no burning urge to watch it. If you don't know, Doctor Who is a science fiction show about a man from another planet who travels in both space and time with a human companion, and basically just gets into heaps of trouble. It's loads of fun and I think David Tennant and Billie Piper were my favourite duo. Please don't skip any of them though - it's all great!

And finally we have Game of Thrones. I really should not even have to blurb this one because it is so well known at this point. This is definitely not for my younger readers so please make sure you have spoken to your parents about this one! There is a lot of gore and sex which you probably would not expect Disney-lover me to enjoy, but I love this show. It has a very intricate cast of characters with each and every story line intertwining so well. This is definitely a thinking show as there are so many characters to keep up with, but it is so worth it. (Please hurry up Season 7!)

And there we have it everyone - my Top 5 TV Shows of all time. I hope you gained some viewing inspiration from this post and I would love to know, what is your favourite TV show?

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