Friday, 31 March 2017

Reading Wrap-Up: March

Hi everyone!

I think this has to be my most embarrassing reading wrap up to date. There got to a point in the month where I honestly thought that I wasn't going to have read anything - and what would I tell you then?

Basically, I have been in the biggest reading slump I've had in a long while and I'm not entirely sure why. I think it might be because I'm back in the mindset that if it is not uni work then I shouldn't be doing it. Which is not great, but I've been procrastinating slightly less this semester.

All I felt like reading was something super trashy - I couldn't deal with anything too heavy. So Kiara said to me one night: why don't you just read Twilight?

So I did, and I'm slightly embarrassed. I know it's absolute trash, I understand that the relationship is by no means healthy, but this book is a bit like watching reality TV. It's a way to just turn off your brain and relax for a little bit in something completely ridiculous.

I won't lie to you - I enjoyed reading this a whole lot and I think it may have succeeded in bringing me out of my slump. I haven't read another book yet so I'm not entirely sure, but the want to read is back with force.

I know my wrap-up is a little pitiful this month but I wanted to share anyway. What did you read in the month of March?

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