Monday, 26 June 2017

Harry Potter In Concert

Hi everyone!

For Kiara's Christmas present, I got us tickets to go see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone In Concert. Basically, you watch the movie like in a cinema but a live orchestra plays all the music. Kiara and I are both big fans of soundtracks, and have both played the flute for many years so I figured this would be a great experience.

I didn't take many pictures (I couldn't find a poster for us to stand in front of!) but this is what the orchestra looked like. It was a little hard at first to figure out what to concentrate on - the movie or the music but I really quickly got into it and it was so enjoyable. I think that my favourite part was when they were doing the end credits. It really gave you a chance to focus solely on the orchestra and just take in all the music they were playing.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience and I want to go to the second one now! We obviously had public transport disasters, because when don't we when something is on? I would highly recommend going to something like this, it was so lovely!


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