Friday, 30 June 2017

My Favourite Things: April/May/June

Hi everyone!

As you all know, things got a little hectic with uni this semester so I ended up missing two months of favourites, but I have accumulated quite a lot of favourites during that time and I'm so excited to share them all! Looking at my list, there is so much that is music based which surprised me a little bit but I've been loving a lot so maybe you'll find a new favourite?

My first favourite is not a surprise to anyone who knows me: Harry Style's new album. I've been a big fan of One Direction for years and years now so I was obviously going to support them in their solo careers. I was a little scared I wouldn't like it and I will admit, some of it is definitely outside what I normally listen to but I have been thoroughly enjoying the album since its release in May. My favourite songs are definitely the slower songs like Two Ghosts and From the Dining Table but the upbeat stuff is a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see it live next year.

I have needed a new iPod for a very long time - the one I had was an 8gb iPod touch that I got for my Birthday in 2011. I had smashed the screen earlier this year (pretty good going I would say) and I could no longer physically fit all my songs on it. I also didn't want to buy a new iPod touch though because they are so expensive and I already have an iPhone so it would be a bit of waste. But a family friend of ours gave me a classic iPod! I'm so excited because I've wanted one for ages but they're no longer for sale and this one holds 80gb or something crazy so I can definitely fit all my music! I've been loving it so far and my only complaint is that you can't edit playlists from the iPod, but that's only minor.

Next we have a bit of an out there purchase for me! I'm not usually one to buy heels or anything, in fact the only time I've worn them was for my school formal in 2015 (and even then they were pretty small). But I bit the bullet and bought a pair of heeled boots I had been eyeing off for months. I've only had the chance to wear them once so far but I love them so much! I thought that considering the height they give me, the boots were pretty comfortable the whole time I wore them so that's good, I'm pretty big on having comfy shoes. They make me so tall and I love how they look so I can't wait to wear them again. I found them online here.

Very unusually for me, I have recently been really enjoying soft baby pinks. It's definitely been a change for me because my favourite colour is blue and I love to wear burgundy and black clothing. But I got this pink lamp for cheap at Target when my old one kept blowing all the bulbs. Maybe a lamp seems a little boring to you but I love it! I even got pink ribbons for my curtains to match and it's been a great time all around. I found it online here.

Back to my usual colour, I got a new skirt recently which was super exciting. I hadn't bought any new clothes in aaages but Dotti was having a sale so I got a new skirt and dress. So far I've only worn the skirt once but I absolutely adore it. It's burgundy (my favourite for clothes) and is in the A line style (I think) which I feel like flatters my waist nicely. Can someone please give me an excuse to wear the skirt and my boots? I think they would look great together. I couldn't find this one online, but here's the website anyway.

I bought some new flannel pyjamas now that the cold nights are finally arriving. I got them for $20 at Myer which shocked me a little because they are usually super expensive. I love these though, they are a little big and so so cosy and warm. I especially love the colour pink it is and the little penguins all over it! (I couldn't be bothered taking another photo so here's a selfie from the other night). I found them online here.

I've got a new music favourite this month and I've known about them for years, but for some reason I was never a fan. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Little Mix songs, and I think their latest album is really great and I love their older slow songs. My favourite one ever is them singing Secret Love Song live last year, and let me tell you: I have watched this video a million times I love it so much. I think Little Mix are absolutely amazing singers and I was so tempted to go to their concert, but with Harry it was a little too much. Definitely a new favourite though, I'm loving their music!

I definitely have not read as much as usual (you'll see in the Reading Wrap Up!) but I did read a book I really really loved and I am just itching to get into the sequel. My sister has been begging me to read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater for what feels like years and I finally gave in last week. Which, can I just say, why did I not read it earlier??? There's a fantastical element throughout the book, but its a nice break from High Fantasy or anything similar, and the characters oh my gosh. The five main characters are all so well described and have their own distinct personalities that I just know as the books progress we are going to see so much character development and exploration. Really really loved this one so I would highly recommend it!

And last, but certainly not least, is Niall Horan. He was my favourite member in One Direction, and after the release of This Town last year I just knew I would be loving all his solo stuff. I wasn't wrong! He's recently released a second single, Slow Hands, which I will admit I was a little skeptical of at first but after listening to it heaps and seeing all the live versions (like this one) I am loving it. He also recently did a cover of Issues by Julia Michaels and I'm completely obsessed with it - I wish I could get it on my phone! So yeah, my fave is doing great and I'm so impatient for the album and tour.

And there we have it - my favourites from the past few months!