Tuesday, 17 October 2017

GOMA Marvel Exhibition

Hi everyone!

I have another ridiculously late post for you, but it's kind of cool so I guess that makes it okay to still share? I originally did want to post this while the exhibition was still on in Brisbane in case someone saw it and wanted to go, but what can you do. Basically, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane from the end of May - start of September. You can visit the website here but it was basically a super cool exhibition with heaps of props, costumes, and concept art. There was a ton of interactive stuff for the younger kids and my Mum went with us and enjoyed herself even though she is not a Marvel fan. We took a heap of pictures while we were there (obviously) so I hope you enjoy!




 If you couldn't tell - Captain America is definitely my favourite! I would caption them, but I'm scared I'll get something wrong and you'll all hate me for it. It was a really great morning though and I was most fascinated by the costumes. The photos at the end were also pretty cool.

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