Saturday, 2 December 2017

Peter Pan Ballet

Hi everyone!

In amongst all the craziness that I mentioned in my A-Z Book Tag the other day, I took Kiara to go and see a ballet for her Birthday. It was a little hard to choose what to see if I'm being honest, but I eventually picked Peter Pan because it was a story I knew and loved and so we would both enjoy it.
It was put on by the Queensland Ballet Company and the artistic director was Li Cunxin, who, judging by Kiara's reaction, is a pretty big deal. I think he was the guy from Mao's Last Dancer? Not entirely sure though - so don't yell at me if I'm wrong!

I thought the ballet was really good though, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I think my favourite bit though was when they flew across the stage. I knew they flew in the story but I definitely was not expecting it to happen and it looked spectacular! The dancing was fantastic, and the costumes were all really cool. I would definitely recommend going to the ballet if you get a chance, it's an amazing experience.

I wore the same thing I did at the ball a few weeks ago, which I mentioned here (and managed to actually take a picture of my hair!) Kiara's dress is actually from Boohoo of all places and if you wanted to check it out, here it is. There was a limited time between Kiara's Birthday and when we went, so I had to be so sneaky buying her this dress and passing it off as a random purchase!

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