Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Christmas Haul 2017

Hi everyone!

I seem to be a little late to the game with my Christmas haul this year, everyone else has already posted theirs! But I wanted to get my reading wrap-up first and still wanted to talk about Christmas for just a little bit longer.

I had a super lovely day with my family, and as per usual, no photos were taken. I opened presents with my parents, sister, and my cousin and his girlfriend who were down visiting, and then we had our traditional brunch of crepes. We then did what we always do Christmas - read and just generally chill out. For dinner we went to my grandparents with my other cousin, and Auntie and Uncle. It was all around a really nice day and I hope yours was great too!

A short disclaimer: I don't want anyone to think I'm bragging in this post, I just really love sharing stuff like this and this time of year is so great on YouTube because I thoroughly enjoy watching them all (Tanya Burr's is a firm favourite).

Every year without fail I get books for Christmas and this year I had specifically asked for a new edition of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I wanted this one as it isn't a simple paperback like I have (in the dreaded movie cover and everything) but it wasn't a hardback either so not completely impractical to read from. It feels super lovely, the spines look great on my book shelf and I just all around love it. I also got given Peter Pan by J M Barrie as Mum and Kiara loved it too much to leave it in the shop.

I did Christmas with two of my friends this year where we just got each other small gifts and I got to pick out my a book! To be honest, I had a very hard time choosing but I went with Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart as I really enjoyed We Were Liars and this book has such an interesting concept - it is told backwards.

The other book, Almost Adulting by Arden Rose, was more of a joke-y present from my sister and I have already read it and talked about it a bit in my end of year reading wrap-up.

I don't know if I have actually talked to any of you about this yet - but I am absolutely obsessed with the show Victoria. It's about Queen Victoria (obviously) and I've been dying over it and my whole family has now watched it. The acting is amazing, the story-line is lovely, and the romance. Oh man the romance is the best. I won't lie, the end of season two nearly destroyed me and I will forever be bitter about it but I did thoroughly enjoy the Christmas special. I just want the next season now!
From my cousin and his girlfriend I got a new beach towel (it's one of those cool round ones!) and a QBD voucher, which, in my opinion, is always an amazing present.

I got a bottle of the Shawn Mendes perfume which actually smells nicer than I thought it would. You all know how much I love Shawn (here's me dying over the concert in November) and so I had been eyeing this off for quite a while. It's actually a super strong scent so you only need a little bit, and is perfect for when I am at work.

I also got a pair of super cute Bambi pyjamas which I absolutely love. They're super soft and comfy and the pants even have little Thumper's on them!

In terms of jewelry, I got this really pretty necklace and earring set from my Auntie and Uncle, which will be so great for when I have to dress up a little bit fancier.
Then we have what is honestly my absolute favourite present out of everything I got this year (the physical presents anyway - more to come on that) and that's these little dog earrings! I've no idea how well you can see those, because it turns out earrings are super hard to take pictures of. I love them though and have been wearing non-stop.

As a group family present this year Mum got the four of us tickets to go see the musical Mamma Mia which was ridiculously exciting. If you have not seen that movie you are doing yourself a serious disservice in life and need to fix that ASAP. The musical was sooo amazing - the post is coming!
Finally, I got this watercolor picture of Peter Pan and it is so pretty! It sits on top of my book shelf and I absolutely love it. (Is it just me or is Peter Pan becoming thing in present season for me: a shirt last Christmas, earrings in 2016) and I don't think I posted about it, but a really pretty painting for my Birthday last year - oh well, definitely not complaining!)

I also got a few presents you can't see - money from my grandparents (I bought a pair of shoes), and a bracelet from my sister which due to my tiny wrists is currently at the jewelers getting links taken out. My other friend I did Christmas with got me this puzzle of the Hogwarts Express (Harry Potter) but we're working on it at their house so I didn't have it available to take a photo of. It's so difficult! Finally, (and most excitingly) Mum and I gifted each other a meerkat encounter at the local zoo. Meerkats are some of the greatest animals on the planet (in my opinion) so I was sooo keen for this. We've already done it so keep an eye out for that post! Kiara took so many photos of us and it was incredible.

And that's it for my Christmas! I hope you had a lovely day with family and I would love to hear what you were gifted this year.

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